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OPENING - LIBERTY BELL TEMPLE - Hollywood ( 10/18/2008)





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NJWeedman: Reality TV Package

Contact: Ed Forchion This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
320(b) East State, Trenton, NJ 08608

lbtlogoHybrid web-series or show based on the running marijuana activist community in Trenton, NJ led by Career Nurse Debi Madaio, RN-CBN and celebrity activist NJWeedman, Edward Forchion. The package features an ensemble cast, a provocative location, and a long story arc fully of timely political conflict plus food, music, culture, and of course plenty of marijuana, east coast style.

The location is the Liberty Bell Temple III and the Joint restaurant, which are directly across the street from City Hall in Trenton, NJ, the state capital. It is the site for public marijuana smoking and civil disobedience and has seen repeated confrontations with the police. The struggle to survive is real. There is a colorful cast of characters among the owners, patrons, medical marijuana activists, local musicians, artists and law enforcement.

This show is about citizens standing up for their rights, just as our Founding Fathers and the Civil Rights generation taught us to do. The audience is the cannabis consuming community who is quickly coming out of the closet and already paying attention to the action at the Joint.

NJWeedman - Pitch Video - Jan 2017


NJWeedman - Pitch Video - 10 Min - Jan 2017


jury JN njweedman


redsuit court

NJWeedman in court, Jan 6, 2017

Ed Forchion has a long history of activism and has been arrested many times, he has never been shy about confronting and antagonizing the police. In this era of Black Lives Matter Ed has displayed great bravery in openly challenging the behavior of law enforcement and the constitutionality of their actions.

The NJ Weedman is a local celebrity and has had hundreds of articles written about him over the years. Ed's flamboyance and running legal battles with the city and state have made him a folk hero. Ed has also has bone cancer and is a legitimate medical marijuana patient who avoids opioids.

Ed has fought in court for years pioneering the use of Jury Nullification to avoid convictions. Current fights include:

The raid and arrest for distributing marijuana, including the dispute over the supposed curfew violations. Ed's counter suit in federal court charging harassment and defense of his religious rights to use cannabis. Ed's fight to expose the rat and his fight for return of the video footage police seized.
Cyber-bullying charges. The Trenton Police filed cyber-bullying charges against Ed because he publicly berated a cop and someone else posted it to YouTube.

 Wall St. Journal - Aug 17, 2015  crosslogo

Vice - Sep 8, 2016

Merry Jane - Dec 10, 2016






Debi Madaio – Co-Owner, hospice nurse and mom. Debi has a heart of gold and adopted her handicapped son at age 2. Debi is a NJ medical marijuana card holder and committed to the cause of legalization. Debi has financed this whole venture and is dedicated to its survival. Hot Box: Debi

Phil Charles – Grew up in Trenton and is the General Manager of the Joint & LBT. Phil is an ambitious go getter and hosts his own radio program that on Philadelphia FM and online. Fully Baked Radio

Chef John Upshaw - Runs the restaurant and has given everything to help keep it alive. Chef John is the most important person in the operations of the Joint. Chef John in Action


Medical Marijuana protest community.

Artists and musicians who perform.
Stories from the street, true stories of Black Lives Matter, kids finding sanctuary from the mean streets of Trenton at the Liberty Bell Temple.

The Joint restaurant, managed by Chef John. The Trenton Police, Judges, DA
Civil Rights Lawyers – Ed's lawyer

The Press – Journalists have been covering Ed for 20 years.

The Hot Box is a small room at the LBT with a dedicated camera for people to record intimate stories.

police raid

Police Raid! April 27, 2016. The Weedmobile before the police seized and crushed it.


In his own words, the NJWeedman:

"In the summer of 2015 I posted on my Facebook page that I wanted to do a Reality TV Show. I thought it would be interesting to film our "Cannabis Temple" and Restaurant "NJWeedman's Joint".

"Everything was going well.... we were filming and editing slowly. In late December 2015 and a couple times in Feb 2016 Police Officers came to The Joint after 11pm and told us to close."

"I told him the Joint (restaurant) was closed but the Temple was open and didn't have to close at 11. The police didn't like my answer and began to harass me. Ordering me to close the Temple on Feb 28 and March 5. So I filed a lawsuit against the Trenton police on March 8th and began editing each of my incidents and encounters with them. Which is perfectly legal according to the Federal Courts..."

For the full story:

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Marijuana Times - NJWeedman Sues after City Destroy s his 'Weedmobile' – Aug. 27, 2016

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As marijuana becomes more and more mainstream weed smoking lounges will pop up everywhere. Debi and Ed are just at the forefront of this movement in New Jersey.