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OPENING - LIBERTY BELL TEMPLE - Hollywood ( 10/18/2008)





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bloody gunI've been on the internet for 20 years. My first AOL account was in 1994, and I've maintained my personal website NJWEEDMAN.COM since 1998 and have been as public and vocal as I could about legalizing marijuana. As a result I'm internationally known. I've been featured in dozens of magazines, hundreds of newspapers, a few documentaries and appeared on TV shows. But I never thought of myself as a celebrity, maybe a "weed-lebrity" but now I'm being stalked like a celebrity. DAM, I've now joined the stalked celebrity ranks of Sandra Bullock, Kim Kardashian, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Nicole Kidman, Michael Douglas, David Letterman, Conan O'Brien, Jello Biafra and Jodie Foster. Hopefully I won't share the fate of Ronald Reagan or John Lennon. Who all were stalked by individuals with psychological issues?

According to Wikipedia stalking is: Stalking is unwanted or obsessive attention by an individual or group toward another person. Stalking behaviors are related to harassment and intimidation and may include following the victim in person or monitoring them.

I've always heard watch out for strange creepy stalkers online and until now never had one. I actually had to file a harassment complaint with the Winslow twp court on January 26th against my stalker.

Ok call me a hypocrite for now wanting the courts and the police to help me deal with this "NUTBAG" who wants to "eradicate me as a cancer from the marijuana movement". Just read his page, he fantasizes about killing people and claims repeatedly that hes killed someone before. (For some reason only in his head he thinks that's a positive) Anyone who's followed me knows I've been very critical of the courts and the police for years, I've even promoted the "NO SNITCHING" movement and here I am filing a complaint with the courts with this psycho! My battle has always been with the Govt and its policies, not nuts like this!

SIDENOTE: I'm writing this as I watch CBS's TV show Stalker (10pm Wednesdays).

I always heard watch out for people who use 3 names. My stalker's name is Michael Patrick Ward of Elizabeth NJ. I never heard of him until about a year ago when I noticed him on Facebook ranting about the wife he beats up and his recent stint(s) in a north jersey psychiatric hospital, where he was diagnosed as a "manic depressed/ Bipolar. That should have been my clue to stay the hell away from him but he acted like a dude who idolized me and my activism and I fell for it. I made the mistake to let this NUT into my world and now he just won't go away. His fantasies and failures he now blames on me! Put a net over him!

Last April 2014 when I was laying in a Los Angeles hospital bed after tumor removal surgery I asked my Facebook friends if anyone wanted to help drive me and my Weedmobil from Los Angeles to Jersey. I paid for Darryl Young to fly to LA and drive me back but MIKE contacted me via facebook and begged to do it too and volunteered. I didn't know him, never met him - he even paid his own way. So I guess I learned a lesson you get what you pay for.

From the moment I met him face to face I knew he had a little man Neapolitan complex was a bit braggadocious, and a fabricator but we drove all the way across the country with no personal problems. But over the next couple months his behavior got very erratic to me. It became clear he fantasizes about killing people and brags about stabbing someone in the neck as a kid. Hes a angry little guy. He began calling himself a marijuana activist, befriending people off my Facebook friends list and showing up at New Jersey MJ protests and events. Medical Marijuana patients and protesters wanted no parts of him or his argumentative self. He was booted off numerous facebook activist pages. He was asked not to come to anymore of the events and flipped out at those who told him they didn't want him around. (He doesn't take rejection well.)

I watched him online threaten potheads and propose some ludicrous criminal ideas, that I wanted nothing of.

HIS PLAN: He borrowed $10grand from a family member of his; to buy weed from California and ship it back. Then he claimed to have contacted both gang members and cops as part of HIS PLAN to distribute this weed in New Jersey. He wrote long rambling letters ( SEE HERE ) to the Union County Sheriff telling him he was going to start providing marijuana on the streets. Which in my opinion would invite seizure, arrests and a internal affairs investigation from the state police if any police officer agreed to HIS PLAN. lol - I told him I thought it was a dumb ideal, not feasible and wanted no parts of it.


Again if that was what he wanted to do he could: I'm not his keeper or partner. He began doing things and attaching my name to them like I was his partner, (example his FB page:WEED ROAD WARRIORS<---I'm not part of this). He had images of me all over his facebook, I have since untagged myself and removed what I could. He still has me pictured on his facebook pages - how weird. I TOLD HIM I wanted no parts of HIS PLAN and surely didn't want to end up a part of a criminal conspiracy charge as a result of him. Why he thinks I MUST be his partner and friend is in his head only, I've never had a person try to force me to be their friend, now hes crying about my rejection. I NEVER HAD A DUDE DO THIS!


HE PUTS HIS THE PLAN into action: He started calling himself "George Jung" and publicly began having marijuana mailed to him that he also openly posted online he was distributing. I didn't care that he did it, I've done it myself but I thought how he was publicly going about it was so totally reckless I didn't want to be within a hundred miles of that crap. Out of my own self preservation I personally told him I wanted no parts of that PLAN. I've done my time - I'm not trying to do anymore for anybody. On a scale of 1-10 this was a 2 of a plan. It was a DUMB PLAN. THIS NUTBAG shows up at the Oct 18th Cannabis Conference in Trenton with three pounds of weed, jeopardizing everyone. Could you image the headlines if he was arrested at our event with three pounds? Again I told him I didn't want a conspiracy charge. (real simple - do you agree?)

AT THIS POINT: I had enough of my own past legal problems to take a chance with this amateur flake. So in late October 2014 I told him directly I wanted to distance myself from him and didn't want any more contact with him. I told him I'm running from his chaos. (& His delusions of grandeur.) - He responded he runs to it, yeah well i just wish he'd run away from me.

A few weeks later (early Nov) like I knew would happen because of his boasting on Facebook; (after only 2 or 3 packages from California) one was intercepted by the DEA, and this NUTBAG calls the DEA and accepts ownership and demands they give it back to him! HE LOST ALL HIS FAMILY MEMBERS MONEY, had to borrow money for Christmas.--- His run as GEORGE JUNG lasted a couple weeks, and months later he still talks of it like it was a era, when it was a moment.

HUMOURISTLY: He contacted NJ Senator Bookers office and demanded he get involved and tried to paint his amateur dealing as medical. Do you think this Brave or Stupid - I thought stupid? ( I said nothing about it - i just saw him making his posts) But again from the beginning I just wanted no parts of this guy or HIS PLAN. Yeah, really he did that so I have no doubt he's facing a Union County indictment in the near future. But i didnt wish that on him, i actually said i hope hes not indicted. Why would anyone want to be around this impending disaster. He really thinks they are going to give it back, read his rants!!! (NUTBAG) Of course he then also blamed everyone else for this lost 3lb package accusing everyone of ratting on him. AGAIN WHY WOULD I WANT TO BE A PART OF HIS CHAOS - really think about it? The dude is trying to get prosecuted, he rants about wanting to use Jury Nullification - (hummmmm wonder where he got that idea).


While I didn't communicate with him. For the next few months I did monitor his Facebook just to see when the train wreck he was, would CRASH. I saw him posting about how he felt abandoned, and was mad that some in the marijuana legalization movement were "COWARDS" for not wanting to be around him. He was talking about me but didn't name me then so i said nothing to him.(I WAS BEING SMART staying away) Little did I know his chaos would still turn crashing my way anyway?

In the mean time two other people filed harassment, threat charges against him  – one in Jackson twp, and one Burlington twp, NJ..( So im not the only one alarmed at his threats.)

During this time I happily didn't hear from him for a few months and then out of the blue on Jan 20th, 2015 he contacted me with a NEW PLAN (a CHURCH) -- that he wanted me to be a part of. (You wonder where he got that idea from? My very first Column of the New Year (1/2) "WE THE PEOPLE ARE WINNING", In it I say I wanted to open a TEMPLE in TRENTON, like I had in "Los Angeles". )Two weeks later he contacts me wanting me to be a part of his church he was imagining trying to create. ( i dont think he is capable of it anyway, but apparently he was counting on my name attached to his scheme as he asked others to join) 

USC report - LIBERTY BELL TEMPLE II, inc. from Edward Forchion on Vimeo.

When I said "NO" I had my own plans – (YOU CAN READ MY EMAIL HERE)  he flipped out - WANTING TO KILL ME! He got snippy with a few others told me they said "NO" too. I don't know anyone who said "YES". But he got pissed at me!!! Hes just a NUTBAG, who would embrace his philosophy? Now remember I once had a partner in Liberty Bell Temple 1, when there were two many chiefs in that tent, I opened my own LIBERTY BELL TEMPLE II. So why would i do that again? This dumbass shouldn't of planned to have me a part of his scheme.


Supreme Court of Comedy - featuring NJweedman from Edward Forchion on Vimeo.

He immediately began accusing me of sabotaging him, ratting on him, stealing his thunder (whatever that means). He accused me of wanting XXXXXXX who is a friend I've known for years and he got infatuated with a few months ago. He send her all kinds of email threats, and repeatedly mentioned me in those emails. - wtf.----These were all figments of his imagination, read his fb sometimes if you can - its full of conspiarcy NUT shit and now hes directing those whacky thoughts my way. He began making direct and indirect death threats. I received a 1/2 dozen rambling threatening emails and crack pot calls. I responded to his emails with TWO emails simply warning him to stop contacting me or I'd file harassment and terroristic threat charges. The moron sent me an email saying he called my bluff. So I filed it the next day - now he's cry about that which he called for: - BLUFF. (I made sure i only emailed him so i could have a copy of everything, seeing as he fabricates and distorts). I needed to buy a new print cartridge just to print out all his drivel.

Since then (1/21) his whole day seems to consist of repeatedly ranting about me and xxxxxxxxx on his Facebook acct., he's posted dozens of ranting, rambling threats. Those same people he met because of me, now he's contacting them "slandering and libeling" me. (I've contemplated a future a lawsuit but it would be a waste of my time and effort - hes broker than me.) He now calls me NJDEA-MAN and NJ-LAWMAN (LOL) and accuses me of being a RAT on his facebook additionally he accused me of being on Chris Christie's payroll. Which would be a political coup for Christie - lol.

HERES a FUNNY ONE: Facebook went down for a few hours and guess what – he accused me of having the DEA turn off his FB account? --PLEASE Somebody throw a net over him!-- LMAO conspiracy nut!

mpwHERE IS A RECENT POST OF HIS ON FACEBOOK ABOUT ME: "I know I have friends on here that remember me back in AOL chat room days... I was the one who would show up at your door to punch you in the throat as soon as you opened the door, for trying to call MY BLUFF! I've done it numerous times. I'm not afraid of internet THREATS! I'm the biggest threat to anyone's health there is! I've killed myself and I'm still here to talk about it! I don't have to go around proving points. I make examples now. I don't have to get physical to do so, unless I choose to. I can kill people with the power of words. It's called, being intellectual. And I do so with surgical precision...Look we need to cut the cancers out of the medical marijuana/legalization movement. If it could be done quietly great if not then whatever is best for the greater good." (I copied a dozen of these from his facebook acct!)


I've had a couple people across the nation call me and forward me things he's been saying and posting online. (Hes begging on his page for people to share his drival, a few do.) My relatives are seeing this and have become alarmed as well for my safety.


I just wrote a Column about Jeremy Santos and his dogs and guess what this guy does? (READ THESE THREATS- MIKE TO JEREMY) He sends Jeremy a death threat for talking to me! Ironically he also threatened to fabricate things on Jeremy and call the police - RAT. (yeah he actually sent a message saying he would make it up)


Our court date is in Winslow twp municipal on Feb 11th 10am.










This is just the paper trial-for self defense if he gets near me.

I'm not afraid of this wife beating midget







You should read his delusional rants about being kool with:


- lol -


is BIPOLAR and Manic, these claims are just to make him seem bigger


He keeps me in his mouth, and at the end of his keyboard fingers - everyday




I don't want to be your friend ever!