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judge delehey stradivariusI’m here appealing for the following reasons: I demand a recount and a politics feel ruling

The “POLITICS of POT” has raised its ugly “prohibitionist head” once again. The state Democratic Party and the Republican Administration have teamed up to disenfranchise registered voters of their right to vote and choose their own independent representative. They have unjustly booted me Edward “NJWeedman” Forchion the 3rd District candidate for The Legalize Marijuana Party ( from the November General Election ballot but I’m going to fight them, I’m now in a two bonged fight and I’m not going to give up!

two bonged fightOne of the reasons I wished to run for Congress here in the 3rd Congressional District was for the opportunity to teach the public about how we can end “Pot Prohibition through Jury Nullification.” I’ve always thought no one should be jailed for a “God-grown plant”; both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party think so, have enacted laws to do so, and have incarcerated hundreds of thousands of citizens for knowing the truth about marijuana – including me. Politicians have no right to make a gift of God illegal. The natural world does not obey man’s laws, it obeys natural law. Man is not separate from nature. If I didn’t know about JURY NULLIFICATION, I’d be two years into a ten-year sentence now for possession of my medical marijuana. Luckily I knew: Any member of a jury has the right to judge the law as well as the accused. And even though I was in clear violation of the law, my jury found me “not guilty.” The right to judge the law as well as the accused belongs to every member of a jury, and it is protected in our constitution. I publicly thank my jurors for realizing that it’s the law that is wrong, not I, and allowing me to be free to run for Congress instead of rotting in one of the state’s Concrete Plantations. The New Jersey State Constitution guarantees the right of every juror to judge the law as well as the accused. This a foundational principle of our democracy – as is VOTING.

rsz 1tumor3I’m a BONE CANCER patient and have been suffering a terrible bout of bone tumors the last few years for which I use a lot of marijuana. Another reason I decided to run for Congress this year was to show the people how wrong these two parties are in regards to “MARIJUANA PROHIBITION. Unfortunately on April 29th I had a couple tumors removed from my right femur in California and when I returned to New Jersey on May 25th my femur broke. Upon getting out of Cooper hospital on May 29th I went straight to area Wawa’s gathering signatures of 208 registered voters and tokers. I timely filed my petitions on June 3rd. If not for the broken femur I would have turned in hundreds more.

Then another segment of New Jersey “Politics of Pot” began.

First on June 9th at 4:03pm (3 minutes late) the state Democratic Party “FAXED” a letter to the department of elections claiming to be challenging my inclusion on the General election ballot. By the rules and election laws of Title 19 any challenge must me “FILED” 4 days from petition deadline which would be 4:00pm on June 9th. The Democratic Party did not “FILE” a challenge. In an amazingly illegal action the New Jersey Department of Elections accepted this “faxed” letter as a “filed challenge” and a hearing was held on June 10th that lasted from 10:30 am to 1:15am (June 11th). Still I have not received a copy of a “date time stamped filed” challenge. The hearing was held despite there being no “stamped file challenge presented”.

This hearing was a classic KANGAROO KOURT, the alleged plaintiff’s (The State Democratic committee) didn’t even bother to send a representative instead they sent Mr. Rajiv Parkh New York City Lawyer who served as counsel, testified and presented evidence in violation of Rules of Professional Conduct for Attorneys, specifically R.P.C. 3.7. My objections to these improperties, irregularities and illegal actions were noted by Judge Bingham but he ignored them and proceeded with this marathon election hearing. The democratic committee lawyer Mr. Rajiv Parkh attempted to disenfranchise nearly every signer of my petition in a attempt to protect its little candidate from my popularity and righteousness. Unbelievably Judge Bingham allowed 113 signers to be removed leaving me with 97 signers of a required (by title 19) 100! Here is his recommendation ruling -

I immediately “filed” a response to the “faxed” challenge with the Department of Elections and republican Lt Gov Guadagno     - in which I clearly point out the violations of title 19 rules, as well as the irregular Rules of Professional Conduct for Attorneys, specifically R.P.C. 3.7 violation. -

In a shocking development Republican Lt Gov Gaudagno in keeping with this Republican Christ Christie administrations opposition to marijuana legalization ignored title 19 rules, and Rules of Professional Conduct for Attorneys, specifically R.P.C. 3.7 sided with the Democratic Party and ordered me the candidate of the Legalize Marijuana Party off the ballot. -

Ms Gaudagno totally ignores R.P.C. 3.7 in her June 13 decision and makes this statement as to my “fax” vs. “filing” contention that they aren’t one and the same.The issue of the manner of the filing of petitioner’s objections was not addressed by the initial decision. However, filing by fax, email or in-person has long been an accepted practice by this office as a means of filing objections to nominating petitions”. --- This is a clear “deviation” of Title 19 rules that clearly do not equate “faxing and filing” and it just isn’t true!!! Non political members of the Election department deny that “faxed” documents equal “filed” documents as title 19 requires. Otherwise anyone, everyone and somebody would be “faxing” in petitions, challenges and objections. This statement is a LIE. Ms Gaudagno has made a Political decision to keep this LEGALIZE MARIJUANA PARTY candidate off the ballot not for violations of title 19 but for politics. In fact her decision to ignore aspects of title 19 violations of the plaintiff democrats and then claim a fraudulent exemption for my alleged violation of title 19’s required 100 is hypocritical as is consistent with many Republicans.


I contend the following as part of my appeal:

  1. The Democrats’ challenge was faxed – and so never properly filed per elections statute Title 19.
  2. Regardless, the challenge was faxed late, after the 4:00 p.m. deadline on the last day for challenges to be received by the NJ Department of Elections.
  3. The June 10 challenge hearing before Judge Bingham was improper because no time-stamped copy of the challenge was presented; there was no petitioner/complainant present (only the legal counsel, which was insufficient); and counsel provided testimony and evidence, which is a violation of the lawyers’ code of conduct



Candidate 3rd District of New Jersey