jarofweedImagine, for a moment, if tomatoes were banned in New Jersey. Yep. For the last 70 years or so, tomatoes were an illegal crop.

Of course, this would upset a good number of people, and plenty of New Jerseyans would see fit to break the law and buy tomatoes on the black market. After all, they’re easy enough to grow, although after decades of the ban, finding the right seeds and the right soil and the right light and the right know-how became a bit of a challenge.

Sadly, many New Jerseyans ended up in prison due to their illegal tomato crops. They grew some primo “tom,” as the kids called it, but they got so good they drew the attention of the authorities and that was that.

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suitsTRENTON >> NJWeedman called two of Trenton’s finest “pedophile,” “murderer,” and “thug cops.”

And in the same breath, he is suing city police and an alleged police informant for defamation.

Ed “NJ Weedman” Forchion amended his civil lawsuit against Trenton Police and Mercer County prosecutors to include new defendants and claims of slander, libel and defamation.

He contends city police officers Sheehan “Murder” Miles and Sgt. Brian Suschke, along with a Trenton Police informant, conspired to make a drug case against the marijuana activist and robbed him of his good name by saying he dealt weed out of his East State Street restaurant.

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frontwindow njweedmansjointOne of New Jersey's best-known marijuana activists has been indicted by a grand jury for allegedly cyber harassing a police officer he called a pedophile outside his Trenton restaurant.

Legal experts scoffed at that charge and two others in May after the arrest of Edward Forchion, also known as NJ Weedman, for berating Officer Herb Flowers on a sidewalk outside his business, NJ Weedman's Joint.

Footage of Forchion calling Flowers a pedophile was recorded and posted to Facebook and YouTube by another man, but Forchion commented on the video and admits "rubbing it in" and actively promoting it, particularly after his arrest three days after the interaction.

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cyberbullyingTRENTON >> NJ Weedman resorted to slut-shaming Mercer County prosecutors after he was indicted for calling a Trenton Police officer a “pedophile” in a tense encounter caught on tape earlier this year.

“What if I called [Prosecutor} Stephanie Katz a slut?” marijuana activist Ed “NJ Weedman” Forchion said when he learned from a Trentonian reporter he was indicted for cyber-harassment. “If I called Stephanie Katz a slut, her husband would have every right to come beat me up. But they couldn’t indict me or arrest me for it, legally. But that’s what they just did with me calling Officer [Herbert] Flowers a pedophile. And I double down. Pedophile. P-E-D-O-P-H-I-L-E.”

Forchion was indicted this month on a single count of fourth-degree cyber-harassment over the May 10 incident with Flowers, which was captured on film and later posted online.

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resignTRENTON >> An attorney for NJ Weedman wrote a scathing letter Tuesday addressed to the city’s police director, accusing his officers of illegally harassing the marijuana activist at his downtown Trenton restaurant and exchanging sex for protection.

Calling for city police director Ernest Parrey to step down, the East Windsor attorney said the capital city has been overrun by an “armed militia” that has done little to staunch violence and has dedicated countless resources to stamping out Ed Forchion’s restaurant.

Attorney Ed Heyburn ticked down a long list of grievances with city police in playing the race card. He condemned Trenton Police for conduct that wouldn’t be tolerated in “white communities” and called on Parrey to resign his post.

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restoredTRENTON >> NJ Weedman’s Joint is back open for business – and going forward, he plans to stay open 24 hours.

Ed Forchion’s business license was revoked by the city last week after city police visited his East State Street restaurant multiple times for staying open late.

The city has also apparently walked back its stance preventing the marijuana activist from keeping his restaurant open throughout the night, according to NJ Weedman’s attorney.

Since the The Trentonian first reported Friday that the marijuana activist’s business license was revoked, the city reinstated the license.

City clerk Richard Kachmar walked over Monday morning to the joint and hand-delivered a letter to Forchion saying he could re-open. The clerk said Monday afternoon that he received a hand-delivered appeal from Forchion in the morning.

“I accepted the appeal and gave him a stay on his license so he’s allowed to open and operate until a hearing can be scheduled before council for the suspension and/or revocation,” Kachmar said.

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closed revokedTRENTON >> NJ Weedman’s Joint has taken its biggest hit yet — closure.

A letter authored by city Clerk Richard Kachmar on Monday informed Ed “NJ Weedman” Forchion that his business license was revoked because of various violations of staying open past 11 p.m. Forchion operates his restaurant and weed temple across from City Hall.

Police struck the fatal blow shortly after 8:30 p.m. Thursday, when they arrived to escort Forchion’s employees out, threatening to arrest them if they didn’t comply.

Forchion said he never received a letter from the city informing him of his license status until the cops showed up.

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