1. - A New Jersey marijuana advocate dubbed NJ Weedman says authorities “exaggerated big-time” in charging him with distributing pot from his restaurant and cannabis church.

Ed Forchion also said his arrest has drawn attention to his cause of legalizing recreational marijuana in the state.

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“They just gave me another platform to continue my goal,” Forchion told The Trentonian on Thursday. “They’re on the wrong side of history.”

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NJ SENATOR RAY LESNIAK is trying to close NJWeedmans Joint


What do you do when the Police lie on you at the behest of the Politicians?


Hillary Clinton has been dogged for decades by right wing haters she dubbed “that vast right wing conspiracy” that haunts her every move. I’ve been dogged by police officers and law enforcement that dog me for publicly speaking the truth against political handlers wishes. Clinton’s adversaries hate her liberal views, mine hate my truthful outspokenness on marijuana and the racist war used by our government against “US”.  

But what do you do when you can prove a POLICE OFFICER lied on you? What do you do when A STATE SENATORS LAWFIRM TARGETS YOU FOR CLOSURE and presents a LIE to a FEDERAL JUDGE as justification? The law firm of Senator Lesniack on behalf of the Trenton Police Department submitted a clear lie to a Federal Judge Sheridan? Its commonly called #Testilying or #BluePerjury when a police officer lies to make his evidence and actions fit the charges he has written or created. We see it all the time on Internet stories about police officers writing bogus police reports or shooting someone and claiming they were scared. (THE I WAS SCARRRTTTTT 4 MY LIFE CARD) Well just such an occurrence has happened on my cameras at THE NJWEEDMAN’S JOINT. My cameras show a totally different depiction than the Trenton Police reports show!



njweedman infront of resturant

Ed Forchion provides lunch with a side of activism at his East State Street cafe

by Ron Shapella

Trenton has its share of social activists and marijuana enthusiasts. It also has a tradition of restaurants sometimes distinguished more by the personality of the owner than by the actual cuisine.

Nowhere, though, do all three come together like they do across from Trenton City Hall on East State Street. That is where the NJWeedman's Joint restaurant opened in June alongside the Liberty Bell Temple III, a sanctuary where marijuana is a sacrament, and a shop called the Secret Stash, which specializes in merchandise helpful to casual marijuana use that once was known as "paraphernalia."

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TRENTON >> Marijuana activist and businessman Ed Forchion, better known as NJ Weedman, alleges the city of Trenton violated his First Amendment rights early Saturday when police officers asked the congregants inside Forchion's East State Street sanctuary to pack up and vacate the premises.

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TRENTON — Marijuana activist Ed Forchion says he's been cultivating a presence on East State Street in Trenton since opening his eatery last year, NJ Weedman's Joint, and his sanctuary next door, the Liberty Bell Temple.

Customers who munch at the restaurant during the day often come by at night to smoke some weed in the temple, which Forchion says is a "cannabis church."

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Scientists have linked teenage marijuana use with a host of undesirable outcomes: difficulty in paying attention, weaker memory, and lower verbal ability and intelligence.

But is the drug itself to blame?

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LBT3TRENTON >> Love him or hate him, Ed Forchion — also known as NJ Weedman — garnered local and national headlines this year after opening a restaurant and spiritual sanctuary on East State Street across from City Hall.

The restaurant, named NJ Weedman’s Joint, immediately attracted droves of customers, some of whom have been loyal to the NJ Weedman brand for years, and others who simply wanted to taste the healthy food items on his menu.

But Forchion didn’t stop there. The sanctuary next door to the restaurant became the new broadcast studio for Forchion’s radio show: Forchion also transformed the rear yard of the property into a garden and concert space.

Forchion later leased a third storefront space next door to the sanctuary and obtained a license to sell tobacco and smoking accessories out of that location. The convenience store — now dubbed NJ Weedman’s Stash Spot — also sells cannabis magazines and books, paintings by local artists, clothing designed by local artists, snacks, cellphone accessories and music CDs and DVDs produced by local artists.

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