STATE vs FORCHION - 16-08-667
I haven't had the chance to talk to my lawyer EDWARD HEYBURN, esq yet BUT:
massiJudge Massi rubber stamps prosecution's desire to keep "Zev M Lapidus" name secret (even though he wrote it in a public document himself) ..... The state gets to conceal/alter my videos, for now!
Unbelievable my case has been in limbo for 6 months because the Prosecution wanted to deny my the right to face my accuser and today Judge Massi .... rubber stamped this constitutional violation.
The founding fathers of this country put the confrontation clause in the 6th amendment to prevent "secret accusers" .... today's racist war on drugs depends on police secret accusers against URBAN DEFENDANTS! Just last week NJ AG Porrino issued a new URBAN WITNESS DIRECTIVE that should be called "hide the accuser doctrine". ( i think it was because of my actions to expose and investigate my RAT) Two sets of Justice? One for suburban and one for URBAN trials?
In my case I knew who he was anyway - Zev M Lapidus. He posed for pictures while on a RAT Mission by the Trenton Police. The Trenton Police revealed who he was. He confirmed it and told people what he had done for the TRENTON POLICE and what he was PAID.
 EPEAT: The AG Chris Porrino issued a "urban directive" in which the prosecution instructs the state and police to hide the accuser.
Today ... Judge Massi ordered the state could hide my accuser.
"WE THE PEOPLE" This isn't about cannabis .... it's the Constitution!!! ....... "in all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right…to be confronted with the witnesses against him."
Any fourth grader who reads the 6th amendment in social studies class could tell you "DEFENDANTS have a RIGHT to face their accuser".....But here in this URBAN AREA, Judge Massi has decided to forgo this Constitutional Right. (with some legal goopy-gop)
EXCEPT IN URBAN areas, as per NJ AG Porrino.
#NOCHICKENWINGSAFTER11pm - Captain Gonzales created this case because I wouldn't follow his illegal orders that I close at 11pm. Im taking this all the way to my JURY verdict .. I wish to publicly WHOOP the state.
This Persecution prosecution is being politically orchestrated by Senator Lesniak keeping The NJ marijuana industry all white.
No matter what Judge Massi and the Prosecution do to deny me a "fair trial" in pre-trial shenanigans I will represent myself at TRIAL and I don't think a Jury will find me guilty. I openly plan to encourage my JURORS to NULLIFY this BULLSHIT persecution Prosecution.
I don't believe the state can get 12 ( #NJcanget12 ). I believe i'm unconvictable. I look forward to a jury trial in which I once again openly encourage my jurors to reject these racist marijuana laws -
NJ allows rich white guys to sell marijuana as a medicine (ATC's) and to simultaneously prosecute me for (SHARING) the same substance with a bogus claim It has no medical value. The law is a LIE.
In NJ a jury is empowered to "judge the law as well as the facts"
(NJ const art 1 paragraph 6) - I ask my Jurors is the law wrong or I?
PS- Ms Katz this means nothing to your inevitable defeat. Thanks for this PODIUM. I so want this trial - I came to trenton for this public fight.
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