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I’m currently in the Burlington County jail serving a 270 day sentence on a very minor 4th degree marijuana possession charge which resulted in a probation violation. Which is totally BULLSHIT no-one in New Jersey goes to jail for a 4th degree marijuana charge and no-one has been charged within 24 hours of being placed on probation as I have in this case, with a violating probation. On Oct 23rd, 2013 the New Jersey Appeals court will hear oral arguments on the sole issue of "Excessive Sentence" in this (VOP) Violation of Probation charge. I've also motioned to withdraw guilty plea. (SEE: WITHDRAW MOTION )

PROBATION ITSELF is a setup and was used as a setup. I knew it going to be a setup as in the past (2002-2003) which is another reason why I totally didn't want any parts of probation. As I knew what would happen this PROBATION VIOLATION is just another Political imprisonment because of my open avocation of marijuana legalization. JUDGE DELEHEY even admits I’m not jailed for possession but for my in your face attitude! …… It was a thumb-your-nose attitude at the court.” The judge said it was that “total disregard” and Forchion’s “nuts-to-the-court-system-I’m-out-of-here” attitude, not the simple drug possession, that warranted the jail sentence.” Ok can someone please tell me what statute gives this ASSHOLE the right to jail me because of my attitude?(MY FREEDOM of EXPRESSION)? The State wrongly arrest 22,000 persons a year and my voice for reform is deemed a "attitude by law enforcement" because it comes out of a black mans face. My Message is relevant, righteous and needed! This VOP is all bullshit and another instance of New Jersey State officials punishing me for being truthfully outspoken about marijuana legalization for everyone. I'm jailed for telling the truth about marijuana publicly while the state continues to arrest and ruin citizens with the LIEs of 2c:35.


This isn’t the first time I’ve been a political prisoner. Ten years ago I was a Political Prisoner of the state of New Jersey for 5 months. I was arrested then for making 3 public service ads questioning our marijuana laws, that state official Thomas Bartlett claimed were “advocating criminal activity”. There was no such statue criminalizing my speech yet I spent 5 months ( 8/18/2002 - 01/24/2003) in the Burlington County Jail. – This jailing is no different! Judge Delehey is playing the role of Thomas Bartlett this time, irritated that I continue to espouse the truth in the face of their lies/threats. That time I was only freed by Federal Judge Irenas with a successful “WRIT of HABEAS CORPUS” SEE DETAILS OF 1ST POLITICAL IMPRISONMENT HERE ( - ( )



duel citizenI’m a California medical marijuana Card carrying patient with Bone Cancer. I travel back and forth from my home State of New Jersey to my adopted State of California. New Jersey medical program wasn’t up or running when I was arrested on April 1st, 2010 and still isn’t working. While on a family visit to New Jersey April 1st 2010. Three months after the Compassionate Use Act was passed Jan 18th, 2010 I was arrested and charged with violation New Jersey’s 2c:35 laws. There are now 20 states that have legalize marijuana for medical use and the district of Columbia, this could happen to any out of state medical marijuana patient who comes to New Jersey with their medicine.

I refused to take any deal instead resting my hope on a jury of my peers. I had two trial in 2012. I was found “guilty” of 4th degree marijuana possession by a cowardly jury on May 9th, 2012. At second trial I was found “NOT GUILTY” by a brave jury on Oct 18th 2012.


i fought  the law


For the possession conviction sentencing day was Jan 16th 2013 Judge Delehey sentenced me to two years of probation and he felt I should be happy about it, I wasn’t happy about it. I verbally motioned for a “stay of sentence” until appeal is heard he refused. Saying I’d received a very lenient sentence. To be disenfranchised for two years because of the LIE of the state law is not lenient to me, I’m a person who votes and runs for office every year. No I wasn’t happy about two years probation & disenfranchisement. I felt I never should have been prosecuted, and as a Medical Marijuana patient should have been protected by the NJ Compassionate Use Act of 2010.

Additionally I knew from experience how probation is used to punish undesirables like myself later out of public court and the free press’s view. I was imprisoned by “probation/parole/ISP authorities” for 5 months in 2002-03 for making 3 Pro-legalize marijuana commercials. ( )  REALLY imagine that; in this free nation of ours! It made me feel like JUST ANOTHER NIGGERLike (2002-03) then, I knew this probation term would be used to imprison me again I predicted it in this video - a year earlier. The only surprise to me is that it was within 24 hours. No hiding their Zeal for me!

Previously in these court proceedings Judge Delehey made a huge LEGAL ERR in refusing to allow me to include the Compassionate Use Act as part of my defense or be protected by it. Even though I’m a legal medical marijuana patient I’m a “JUST ANOTHER NIGGER” to the NJ courts deemed destined to enslavement thru 2c:35 laws. YES - I'm openly saying the Medical Marijuana Laws are designed to remove white people from the racist drug laws while prosecuting non-whites under the 2C:35 criminal statutes. I was prosecuted under the criminal 2C;35 laws of New Jersey. Which are designed to supply the prison industry with CHATTEL – NIGGERS.

I asked for a “stay of sentence” which he denied. I said in court I was going to “motion the court to reconsider and file a written motion for stay of sentence” while I appeal. There is a requirement that you have 20 days to file a motion for reconsideration. I didn’t sign the probation papers. That night I gave interviews to newspapers and I gloated about “not going to jail” and “bragging” that I’d bought a round trip ticket and was headed back to California.

The next day JAN 17th after reading the papers and receiving calls from Trenton politicians and JUDGE GRANT of the administrative office of the courts Judge Delehey issued a fugitive warrant for my arrest!

,u>Inreality - I was being re-sentenced unethically, unconstitutionally with the excuse that I didn’t sign into probation as the phony legal reason. REALLY, no one is charged with that within 24 hours. The system usually wouldn't even know that quickly to be issuing warrants. No one goes from simple failure to report timely to 9 months imprisonment! Usually there is a incremental punishment. This never happens to anyone! I didn’t even receive a new charge, this doesn’t happen to anyone with a 4th degree charge this was all politically motivated. I'll be demanding a "RECONSTRUCTION HEARING" as well for the "EX PARTE" hearing held on 1/17/2013.




rsz stradivariusI was arrested on Jan 30th at the Philadelphia airport as I went to get my monthly Cancer Treatment as Judge Delehey had ruled I could. I was held for 45 days, making me miss two of my monthly Cancer Treatments. On March 12th, 2013 I was forced by Judge Delehey to “plead guilty to a probation violation” or sit in jail and miss more treatments. My health care was held over my head as a means of forcing me to accept “a plea” to be “JUST ANOTHER NIGGER”. Then while I’m wearing an Orange jail suit and handcuff’s he says, “I was playing my health like a "Stradivarius –lol- OMG he was holding my health hostage and forcing me to accept this “BOGUS probation violation” and he wanted to talk some shit too! Knowing I wasn’t in any position to respond as I had at other times during previous trial proceeding. I was JUST ANOTHER NIGGER and he was letting me know it.


On Oct 17th - a day before I reported  I filed this MOTION TO WITHDRAW "GUILTY PLEA" !