By Edward “NJWeedman” Forchion –aka- Political Prisoner #420

I am now a Political Prisoner, a prisoner for my stance on the legalization of marijuana and my outspokenness on the racial aspects of the WAR on Drugs specifically. Since my arrest in 1997 for marijuana I have spoken out against marijuana’s illegal status. In recent years as legalization has snowballed across the nation I’ve switched from just talking about legalization to demanding “minority inclusion in the new multi-billion dollar marijuana industry”; this speech has made me enemies among white NJ politicians. The Politics of Pot Jersey Style I call it. White New Jersey politicians such as NJ municipal prosecutor’s president John Barr, NJ State Senators Scutari, and Lesniack are publicly portraying themselves as down with legalization but in reality they are down with creating a WHITE ONLY MARIJUANA INDUSTRY. As prosecutors they endorse and enforce marijuana’s criminality with prosecutions of minorities in record numbers while politically creating “white only cannabis corporations”. It’s a fact that currently all 6 medical marijuana dispensaries (ATC’s -Alternative Treatment Centers) are owned and operated by 6 politically connected whitemen.


STATE vs FORCHION - 16-08-667
I haven't had the chance to talk to my lawyer EDWARD HEYBURN, esq yet BUT:
massiJudge Massi rubber stamps prosecution's desire to keep "Zev M Lapidus" name secret (even though he wrote it in a public document himself) ..... The state gets to conceal/alter my videos, for now!
Unbelievable my case has been in limbo for 6 months because the Prosecution wanted to deny my the right to face my accuser and today Judge Massi .... rubber stamped this constitutional violation.




For almost all of 2016, Ed "NJ Weedman" Forchion has been locked in some sort of legal action with the city of Trenton and their police over the operation of his eatery NJ Weedman's Joint. He's filed suit, received numerous tickets, appeared in court and confronted the police - and he's detailed nearly every step on social media. 

  1. are some from the past few months:

August 13 … -

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  1. The second of two civil lawsuits Ed "NJ Weedman" Forchion has filed against Trenton police and the county proescutor's office has been moved to federal court, according to court documents.

In the suit, which Forchion filed in Mercer County Superior Court earlier this year, the man known as NJWeedman claims city police and Mercer County Prosecutor Angelo Onofri violated his civil rights when officers from both agencies raided his eatery and "weed temple," in April.

Forchion said in the suit that he was unlawfully arrested and he accused the police of not properly training their officers.


njweedman thru the yearsNJWeedman attorney Edward Heyburn said the move to U.S, District Court in Trenton is not unusual for a civil rights lawsuit.

"In a civil rights lawsuit, you're relying on the Constitution," Heyburn said, adding that it's a plaintiff's constitutional right to have their civil rights case heard in federal court. 

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purple suitTRENTON >> Ed “NJ Weedman” and his loyalists, Gang Green, are a bunch of lawbreakers.

That’s part of the reason an attorney for the city has asked a judge a second time to toss out the marijuana activist’s lawsuit, filed earlier this year in federal court in Trenton.

The activist said in his lawsuit the city’s 11 p.m. curfew violates his First Amendment and religious rights. He contends he and his band of pot smokers should be allowed to peaceably assemble at his cannabis church, Liberty Bell Temple, whenever they want to partake in the “sacrament” of reefer.

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heyburn outside courthouseTRENTON >> Speech isn’t free in the capital city.

Ed “NJ Weedman” Forchion and his attorney said prosecutors have made that clear after they extended an offer Monday to the marijuana activist for alleged online harassment of a city cop.

“I don’t think the Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office cares about the Constitution,” Edward Heyburn, Forchion’s attorney, told The Trentonian after his client’s court appearance.

He and his client have apparently patched up their relationship after the brash defense attorney temporarily quit because his out-of-control client kept putting his foot in his mouth.

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  1. we r open
  2. TRENTON — In February, pro-marijuana activist Ed Forchion's only had minor issues with the city of Trenton, which amounted to a disagreement over people congregating at night outside of his restaurant, which opened the prior summer to fanfare.


But in the eight months that have followed, Forchion's troubles have mushroomed into a lawsuit against the city, a felony drug case against Forchion, and what seems like weekly court dates and the colorful social media postings about them.

And he gets semi-regular visits from Trenton police officers, especially late at night, when the city contends he should be closed.

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