Today I got a call from women who told me “thank-you”. When I asked her why she was thanking me she told me she was a CALLGIRL working a HOTEL in PLAINSBORO, NJ and she just encountered THE RAT.


Of course I was surprised and skeptical.


She then went on to tell me she received a call from a JOHN who was on his way over. She requires her JOHNS to send her a picture of themselves with picture identification as a safety measure. The logic is if something happens her last communication will be the JOHN. To give the police a point to start.


Zev M. Lapidus “THE RAT” sent her these pictures.


zev hooker id - zev hooker

and she then she contacted me

I'm sure TERRI S LAPIDUS doesnt know about ZEV's afteroon follies


If you encounter Zev M. Lapidus don’t approach. Take a picture and email me under what conditions you met this RAT. He may have been trying to set you up like he did me be careful. #nosnitching - #snitch - #RAT






Njweedman This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.









njweedman famousTRENTON — 12/06/13, The very same day Gov. Chris Christie puts the kibosh on growing the number of privileges a registered medical marijuana user can have, a baby lost her battle with a debilitating disease because she was not able to access the medical marijuana needed to survive, according to her parents.

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NJWeedman seeks medical clemency from Gov. Christie


Fri Nov 8, 2013.

bct njweedman courtroom prayingLongtime marijuana activist Ed "NJWeedman" Forchion has petitioned Gov. Christie for clemency in hopes that the governor can end the monthly staggered jail sentences he is now serving.

Forchion, of Pemberton Township, has filed a petition for medical clemency, hoping the governor will sign his get-out-of-jail card because, he argues, his incarceration is preventing him from necessary treatments for bone cancer in California.

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Enforcement escalated against ‘Smoke Down’ pot activists

poe stephanie


Stephanie Joynes, right, and N.A. Poe stand near pro-pot rally at the Liberty Bell on Saturday. Poe wore a prison-like costume to protest federal authorities banning him from participating in pro-pot protests. — Linn Washington Photo


Stephanie Joynes, an official in Moms For Marijuana International South Jersey chapter, attended the protest against pot prohibition last Saturday near the Liberty Bell to support pro-pot activists, who Joynes said endure intense governmental persecution.

One well-known activist supported by Joynes is Ed Forchion, the N.J. Weedman – widely considered America’s foremost Black marijuana legalization proponent.

Forchion, presently imprisoned in New Jersey on a controversial probation violation arising from a pot possession conviction, pioneered pro-pot protests at the Liberty Bell over a dozen years ago.

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Angered by Racist Prosecutions, Activist Shocks With Inflammatory Name Change Request

Protesting Pot Prohibition While Black

bct njweedman serious


Ed Forchion, recognized as America’s foremost black marijuana legalization activist, freely admits that he “agitates” people – powerful people from prosecutors to politicians and even more mainstream anti-pot prohibition advocates who bristle at his antics.

The activism of Forchion, often outrageous like his March 2000 stunt of smoking a marijuana joint inside the New Jersey State Assembly chamber while dressed in bold black and white stripped jailhouse garb, has drawn praise and prison terms.

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