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I happened to mention to someone that I was a former "NJ Political Prisoner" and he virtually laughed in my face:

He disputed my statement and Said I had committed a "marijuana crime" it's still Illegal, no matter how wrong that is and I was simply a prisoner, and must smoke too much to think that. (Hummmmm)


So I told him how I was out of prison, on parole in 2002 and my parole officer "Thomas Bartlett" ordered me: "not to
Talk to the press & not to talk about marijuana" - I knew the first amendment rights to "freedom of speech & the press"; these were illegal Orders. Parolees nor prisoners lose your first amendment rights. Fuck him I said.


So I took those as illegal orders and refused to comply and asked "Chris Christie" for legal protection, he was the US Attorney for New Jersey at the time. He refused.





bong ripSince I'm on "hiatus" at the Trentonian my Column "Passing the Joint" will be posted online here/ ( just a little heavier as "Bong Rips with NJWeedman":



For my first RIP I'm floating a "Political Bong Dream"


A 420 friendly congressional candidate - ("ME") says to those of you out there that take bong rips too - now is the time to do it before continuing this 420 thought.


Bubble bubble bubble -

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My first lawsuit ever was against DONALD J. TRUMP, TRUMP PLAZA – 1987

Before I get to the lawsuit let me explain how all this happened.

In the spring of 1984 I suddenly quit college, in the middle of the semester. I was attending Claflin College in Orangeburg, S.C. living off campus renting a room in house and something terrible happened in that house one night. I was a witness but I was scared Id be implicated. I was so terrified at going to prison in South Carolina I fled the next day. Wow that's the first time I ever told anyone about that – (you can read that story here).

I didn't tell my parents exactly why I left; they already knew I didn't like South Carolina or the school I was at so I left it at that. My mom & dad were extremely mad but I promised them Id go back to school the next fall. I wanted to go to Glassboro State or Rutgers. (In 1985 I was accepted and actually registered at Glassboro, went to a few weeks of classes before withdrawing)

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onofri shotgunsAt least they didn't lynch me, but I am getting “screwed”


My personal message to Mercer County Acting Prosecutor ANGELO ONOFRI: I’m going to trial thinking, “I’m conviction proof.” Please don’t pass this trial off to an assistant—do it yourself, “hero.” Burlington County Prosecutor Robert Bernardi made that mistake, and I whooped his assistant Michael Luciano. That ass-whoopin’ should have been Bernardi’s. Now it’s your turn.

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mlknofuckDEAR GOV CHRISTIE my old pal – we will be puffing outside your office on 4/20 at 4:20pm. Take this as a personal invitation from me: NJWeedman.


APRIL 20TH – The Stoner Holiday is next week and once again here in New Jersey there is a planned civil disobedience demonstration on the steps of the state capitol as a direct challenge to you Gov. Christie and your prohibitionist policies. - I personally plan on firing one up in your honor celebrating your demise at the Presidential level, don’t stand to my left unless you want to see what you’ve erroneously and naively railed about. – TRY IT I THINK YOULL LIKE IT.

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