On Monday Gov Christie was in Ewing taping the “Ask the Governor” show on NJ 101.5 FM. I was feeling all THC-HAPPY at the success of the great Spring Smoke-Out last Saturday at the State House, and I wanted to gloat and call in to ask THE GOV why 400 citizens could smoke marijuana at the State House without arrests yet 22,000 others were arrested last year on the streets of New Jersey—but the screeners wouldn’t let me.

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2014 statehouse trentonian I wanted to write about the fact that starting at 2:30 on Saturday afternoon, hundreds of victims of New Jersey’s current criminal marijuana laws will march from the Trenton train station down State Street to the State House, where a large smoky “civil disobedience protest” will begin at 4:20 p.m. -

But first I must cringe at President Obama’s recent comments to VICE magazine. VICE is a youth-oriented media outlet that I enjoy even though I’m actually 50 and considered middle-aged now. (I can’t believe I just conceded that I’m middle aged.)

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reefer - anslingerDo you have a bucket list? My altered ego “NJWEEDMAN” has a huge list. Topping my list for years has been to take a THC positive pee on “just say no” Nancy Reagan & Ronald’s grave. Checking this off my list has been held up by Nancy’s continued life. Sure NJWeedman admits that may be distasteful on many levels but these drug war criminals deserve it. They ramped up President Nixon racist drug war, putting millions of behind bars especially brown peoples, making America the greatest police state on the planet; largely for a plant. America now imprisons more of its citizens than any other nation in the world by far, and holds 25% of the world’s prisoners while only having 5% of the world’s population.

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 I want to opine my two puffs’ worth about Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu coming before the REPUBLICisraelipmANS of Congress and dictating to the U.S. what our foreign policy and our treaty negotiations with Iran should be. The Israeli Senate Ambassador – aka RI Senator Lieberman – is no longer in the Senate, so Netanyahu had to deliver his orders himself.


But first I want to Double Down on my comments in last week’s Column “BUTTHURT.”



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Last Tuesday night at about 10 pm I was sent a text message asking if I was “going to the press conference tomorrow, aren’t you a part of the new coalition to legalize marijuana?. I said “no” because I didn’t know what they were talking about, no one informed me so I went on Facebook and was shocked to learn of this new group – (NJUMR) New Jersey United for Marijuana Reform. They held a Press Conference at 11am on Wednesday 2/18.

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