come take thisI made it to another digit—51. For most of my life I didn't think I'd make it to 51. If you read my Column last Oct. 14, 2014, "Suicide is not a crazy option," you'd know what I mean.

This birthday is drastically different from previous years. Last year on my silver 50th I was miserable. I was in a full leg cast recovering from surgery to remove a bone tumor from my right femur; I was depressed, flat broke, unemployed, and had nothing planned. This is the first birthday in three years that I'm actually happy—so happy, in fact, that I'm having a party for myself at THE JOINT because I'm that vain. All potheads (cannabis consumers) are welcome.

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I had a great Father’s Day with four of my five children. My one child, Ajanea, doesn’t communicate with me. Her mind was poisoned by her scorned mother, who refused to allow me to bond with my daughter for 15 years. The Burlington County Family Court judges helped her with this by preventing me from having a relationship with my daughter because I publicly spoke THE TRUTH about marijuana. Free speech didn’t exist in family court for me, and it ruined my relationship with my daughter. I hear I’m a grandfather, too, but I don’t know thanks to Judge Bell and her bigoted co-judges. I don’t hate too many things, but I’ll tell anyone who’ll listen: I hate the Burlington County Family Court judges, especially Judge Maria S. Bell. If you think Blackmen get the short end of stick in the criminal system, take a look at family court.

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temple3A Cannabis Church in Trenton?

I’m going to cause a rip in Trenton. No not a bong rip, I take those all the time. I’m talking about a RIP (Religious Interruption in Procedures). We live in America and despite the claim that we have religious freedom in America, we don’t. The very prohibition issued by the founding fathers in the Bill of Rights was: “the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion, impeding the free exercise of religion” – we commonly call this our Right to Religious Freedom, the First Amendment. 

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On May 27th 9am the New Jersey Appeals Court will be holding oral arguments in the most important marijuana case in New Jersey history. I'm being a little arrogant but rightfully so because it's the truth, I'm talking about my case – State Vs Forchion, 004477-12. The court must think so too because the arguments aren't being held in the normal appellate courtroom, it's being heard in the NJ State Supreme Courtroom! (PRESS RELEASE – - Its open to the public )

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huckabee 2016FoxNews icon announces presidential run; to me he represents the scary Christian neo-con crusader

I AM A PEACEFUL, PROUD, PATRIOTIC POTHEAD. As such, I relish the rights afforded to all Americans by the Bill of Rights, especially the First Amendment rights to freedom of speech and political expression. As a patriot I feel it's my duty to express my opinion on things my government does, whether it's popular or not. This is what I've always believed as I openly spoke out against our nation's war on drugs.

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