federalcourthouseI’m passing a joint at The Joint “pondering while on pot”.

Thru hazy eyes I watch Foxnews coverage of the armed takeover of a federal building in Oregon, feeling helpless. I have decided to do something about it here in TRENTON.

I think I’m going to take over the frontsteps of the Clarkson S. Fisher Federal Courthouse located in the next block from The JOINT on state street….ummm next week or the week after….hum or when I get off this couch. (“in my Jay and silent Bob voice”) Dude … not in solidary with those fools in Oregon but just the opposite… Puff Puff I wonder if our takeover would garner national exposure? I’m positive if I hold a bong (instead of a rifle) while having a press conference with Twinkies, blowing a little smoke about a Reefer Revolution and refusing to leave like those fools in Oregon someone would notice…or not? I think I’d make the local press at least, maybe if I gave away Gov Chris Christie Burgers some presidential press might bite……. Maybe TMZ would pick up on my demands that I’m going to stay here smoking this weed until Obama makes marijuana legal?

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thumbsdownFacebook has suspended my Facebook account for one week starting last Sunday 1/2/2016, and ending on Saturday 1/9/2016. I'm suffering big time cyber pains in Facebook jail. As you know I've been to real jail and in real jail people are there who are drug addicts and they suffer physically for lack of their substance – it's called withdrawal. It's a horrible experience to be in a cell with a person suffering from withdrawal, the smells, and the dry heaves, the agony is horrible to witness. I admit to being highly addicted to Facebook and I'm going thru severe Facebook withdrawal right now, I'm not dry heaving or throwing up but......ugggh. As much marijuana as I admit to smoking almost daily. I still loudly proclaim to anyone I am not addicted to marijuana and as far as I know no-one is; because marijuana is not addictive but Facebook is.

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This is what I wrote in my first Column of 2015:

LBT3“2014 was a weird year for me, and good riddance. I started out 2014 in the horrible Burlington County Jail and ended it as the writer of this weekly column for The Trentonian – yeah, that’s weird! … My new year’s resolution(s): to eat better and to open a religious temple in Trenton that provides marijuana to its congregants.”

Those were the resolutions I made for 2015; as I’ve gotten older, each year I’ve taken the age-old ritual of making New Year’s resolutions more and more seriously. 2015 was just the first time it was so public. Since this is the first time I’m “Passing the Joint” for 2016, let me share with you how how I did last year.

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AR-151239983The marijuana laws are the oldest JIM CROW Laws still in existence, while many states across the country are changing their archaic laws, decriminalizing or legalizing marijuana New Jersey is stuck on Reefer madness racism. Not just from our Governor, Christie who is as opposed to marijuana legalization as George Wallace was to desegregation. I’m referring to last week’s decision by the New Jersey Supreme Court to declined to hear a marihuana case that Constitutionally challenged New Jerseys marijuana laws as being Dejure/Defacto racist. Some like me say they did look and decided to keep the Jim Crow laws intact.


  1. Incrementalism – at its best, devilish at its worst: I don’t want to sound like a crazy conspiracy nut, but I think people should understand what the state is doing: mass collection of DNA materiel. Of course it’s being touted by the state as a totally good thing. The state and the DNA collecting corporation’s loudly point out that 200 old criminal cases were solved recently using DNA which is great. What they neglect to explain is how millions will have their genetic code for destruction also collected by the state. It’s a fact that with DNA technology: weapons, sterilization and mutations could be developed by a ROUGE state or a TrumpLike fascist future Government. These DNA weapons could be used for individuals or whole races.