Well I really wanted to write about the GOP politics and the national election campaigns going on this week but instead – thanks to Lt XXXX? (i don't know his name) of the Trenton, PD., I'll be opinionating my point of view on "FREEDOM OF RELIGION" because it obviously differs from his view.

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spring-smoke-out-eightAs we all know, Gov. Christie is back. No more gallivanting around the country with delusions of the presidency. He's back in time for Bridget Anne Kelly's BridgeGatetrial (this April); he's back to get an ear full from the teachers' union, to deal with the pension system, and every Thursday he will once again be confronted by medical marijuana activists who for two years have staged a weekly vigil in front of the State House in support of medical marijuana.

Jennie Storms, Jim Miller, Lefty Grimes, Ken Wolski, Vanessa Maria, Kyle Moore, Joanne Zito and dozens of others, myself included, made marijuana a constant issue for Gov. Christie. His arrogant responses led to him being nationally known as the anti-weed guy, the prohibitionist. He seemed to never get it – that he was "The Naked Emperor" of weed. It appears he's oblivious that his "Politics of Pot" is 30 years out of step, more in line with Nancy Reagan's "Just Say No" campaign – thus, the online pothead "JUST SAY NO TO CHRISTIE" campaign. I even had "just say no to Christie" T-shirts made up that are now worthless. I'll get back to that later.

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holimarijuana1How does the government still get away with banning the religious use of marijuana by Rastafarians, or even Christians, who see marijuana as a sacrament? Antonin Scalia.

I’m not happy Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia is dead, but I’m glad we as a nation have the opportunity to get a non-Catholic replacement appointed to the bench—if Republicans don’t obstruct it. I don’t have a problem with Catholics. I just think we need religious diversity in the highest court too, as six of its nine judges were Catholics. In previous Columns I mentioned how we (minorities) in New Jersey suffer from having an all-white NJ Supreme Court, and the same is true of the U.S. Supreme Court: Religious freedom suffers wherever we have a lack of religious diversity. That’s why I’m hoping for a non-Catholic replacement for Scalia.

Scalia is famous for claiming he followed the letter of the law as regards the Constitution. But he infamously suspended the vote count in Florida so his candidate, G. W. Bush, could steal the 2000 election in what I call the Great Supreme Court Coup. Most talk about Scalia’s death comes from the perspective of liberal or conservative, Democrat or Republican.

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blaney awardThe term "flat-worlder" is often used in a derogatory sense to mean anyone who holds ridiculously antiquated views. There was a time when authorities and those who thought they knew best ridiculed and chastised people who said the world was a sphere. So flat-worlders are idiots who reject science. ("Republican Party" could be also be inserted here".)


But I've come up with a local Jersey word for those who, today in 2016, reject the science, truth, and facts about "marihuana" and instead believe the superstitions, distortions, government propaganda, and flat-out lies of yesteryear: A BLANEY.

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berniesandersThe politics of pot has struck the Democratic Party big time, and Bernie Sanders has taken the "HIGH" road. I admit, I wasn't trying to be suckered into voting for a politician simply because he says something positive about marijuana — as I did with Senator Obama in 2008. Back then, when Obama was questioned about whether he "ever inhaled," he responded, "that was the point." This question is asked of all serious politicians, because in 1992 President Clinton claimed that he did try smoking marijuana but he did not inhale, which made the question famous. Most Americans didn't believe his answer, potheads voted for him knowing he had to lie — most of us were in the cannabis closet too.

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