To POC's:

onofri shotguns2WAKE UP: Lawmakers are creating a new multi-billion dollar marijuana industry and are specifically excluding you in most parts of the country. -


I want in, do you? I don't want to be just a customer I want my own ganja business. I don't want them to give it to me, but I also don't want them to put in rules to exclude me. Now is the time to speak out POC's.

In 2017 POC need to voice our opinions, protest and call out our politicians from creating these new age Jim Crow legislative acts that create these "white only industry".


I'm in New Jersey and it looks like New Jersey lawmakers are lining up for recreational legalization after Gov Christie leaves (in 2018) and will exclude us like we were deliberately excluded in 2010 with our states medical marijuana industry. 


It's a fact: In 2010 New Jersey passed the Compassionate Use of Medical Marijuana Marijuana Act that only allowed for 5 politically connected whitemen to operate in defiance of Federal law and protected, as well as regulated by the state of New Jersey. While our white counterparts, and politicians claim CUMMA is race neutral I say its a huge white lie. It's a fact the rules and qualifications were set in place to exclude all but rich whitemen who are connected politically to our politicians. The only part of the marijuana industry our New Jersey lawmakers feel we (POC's) are qualified for is the "prison space", made available especially for us via our 2c:35 laws which claims marijuana has no medical value.


While in many parts of the country arrests and releases are occurring here in New Jersey we are having record numbers of arrests and it's no surprise to me who is getting arrested disproportionately.


lesniakI'm currently facing years of imprisonment for a small amount of my personal marijuana seized on April 27th 2016 from The Liberty Bell Temple 3. This was a politically motivated raid, arrest, indictment and prosecution. In my opinion NJ White politicians want to shut me up from saying the obvious - this legal lynching is being spearheaded by NJ Senator Lesniack. - --- READ LESNIACK / ATTACK - 

P.S.- eyes are rolling