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I happened to mention to someone that I was a former "NJ Political Prisoner" and he virtually laughed in my face:

He disputed my statement and Said I had committed a "marijuana crime" it's still Illegal, no matter how wrong that is and I was simply a prisoner, and must smoke too much to think that. (Hummmmm)


So I told him how I was out of prison, on parole in 2002 and my parole officer "Thomas Bartlett" ordered me: "not to
Talk to the press & not to talk about marijuana" - I knew the first amendment rights to "freedom of speech & the press"; these were illegal Orders. Parolees nor prisoners lose your first amendment rights. Fuck him I said.


So I took those as illegal orders and refused to comply and asked "Chris Christie" for legal protection, he was the US Attorney for New Jersey at the time. He refused.

Two months later


When I made 3 Political Ads questioning the war on drugs - I was arrested and imprisoned at the Burlington County Jail for 5 months!



I argued to this TRUMP Fool I was jailed for making "political ads", thus I was a political prisoner. A federal Judge acting on my "writ of habeas corpus" ordered the state of New Jersey to release me, citing my imprisonment was a violation of free speech.

It went over his head - he kept saying I was convicted thats why they could tell me that --- (fucking idiot!! )

You don't lose your right to free speech!!






What do U say - am I a former political prisoner or not?

P.s. - this is why I started heckling Christie in 2003