bong ripSince I'm on "hiatus" at the Trentonian my Column "Passing the Joint" will be posted online here/ ( just a little heavier as "Bong Rips with NJWeedman":



For my first RIP I'm floating a "Political Bong Dream"


A 420 friendly congressional candidate - ("ME") says to those of you out there that take bong rips too - now is the time to do it before continuing this 420 thought.


Bubble bubble bubble -

Ok now that - RIP is out of the way here is my political fund raising idea (a 420 Pothead thought)

"I wonder if there is a market for this Congressional Sign attached below with quote; on a national level? Would it be supported by potheads? Via - PayPal. ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )



It would have to go viral, potheads from coast to coast would have to buy 1 sign for Thieke own front yard this election year - ( take a toke and write me in your district to if you want) - if "dees nuts" can get a national political following - I should be able to in my Bong dreams. I just put it in the air ..... How many stoners will pass this RIP?

Pass the BONG now if your with someone if not - TAKE A another RIP now:

Bubble bubble bubble

Think about it this way - once $1,200 is raised 200 signs could be produced and shipped.

So at $25 a sign sold;50 signs (pre-sold) could fund the first order of 200 signs, so the remaining 150 would be totally profit basically $3500 if all sold.


(Hum take another "BONG RiP" and then say in "Redmans voice" )


At that point if things were good in the online sales, we would "reup" with the $3,500 basically "flipping" /

$3,500 would buy at least 16,500 signs (which if all sold came to = with some *fudging comes to approximately $420,000)

*i was fudging to get at 420,ooo


Imaging how I could saturate NEW JERSEY with various "pro-legalization" ads. I could even slip a few anti-Christie ads in - (I could point out in some ads at how US aTTOrney Chris Christie allowed state of New Jersey authorities to imprison me for "the politics of pot jersey style" ( name of one of my books ) see- )

politics pot


Can potheads across the country help "NJWEEDMAN's" congressional run?

Would potheads in other parts of the country "buy" njweedman political signs for $25 - to support his New Jersey Congressional bid?


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P.S. - it wasn't meant to be accurate -