onofri shotgunsAt least they didn't lynch me, but I am getting “screwed”


My personal message to Mercer County Acting Prosecutor ANGELO ONOFRI: I’m going to trial thinking, “I’m conviction proof.” Please don’t pass this trial off to an assistant—do it yourself, “hero.” Burlington County Prosecutor Robert Bernardi made that mistake, and I whooped his assistant Michael Luciano. That ass-whoopin’ should have been Bernardi’s. Now it’s your turn.

BTW, none of your officers read me my Miranda Rights, but don’t fret—I know mine. Anything I say can and will be used against me; in my opinion, everything has a reciprocal and can be used for me as well. Great, so this is my first official statement and will be read to my future JURORS as my first statement after arrest by me at trial.

I openly resist “the racist drug war” white authorities like you inflict on communities of brown people like Trenton. Trenton and communities like it throughout New Jersey are used as the catching fields for your new age-concrete plantation system. Our black leaders and clergy say nothing as white authorities decimate our youths’ futures. But that’s why I came to Trenton—I knew one of you “heroes” would fall into my trap. Now I’ve got my public trial—thanks, please don’t delay it; I demand a “speedy and fair trial,” as per the Sixth Amendment. Don’t attempt to bribe me with a plea of leniency; I’m ready next week—please indict me ASAP.

To my future jurors: Marijuana is the sacrament of my faith, as wine is for Christians. Sharing it is honorable to me, and if you’re on my jury, I ask you to judge the law as well as the facts (NJ Article 1, paragraph 6) of this case and render a verdict that reflects your conscience, as is your right as a juror. Mr. ONOFRI and the court will LIE to you and say you must not do tha—prior to trial, please study Jury Nullification, but conceal this knowledge during voir dire and only say “not guilty.”

As most of you know, I opened the Liberty Bell Temple III almost 1 year ago (May 15, 2015) to much fanfare. For 10 months we operated peacefully. Then last month I filed a lawsuit against the Trenton Police when they began harassing my Temple and my congregation (3:16 cv 1339 gps). I regard this latest arrest as nothing more than an extension of that harassment. NJ Senator Lesniak’s office is coordinating the police efforts.

I’ve obviously irritated white officials like Senator Lesniak who really run Trenton. Notice the black mayor, Eric Jackson, and the cowardly City Council haven’t said a word about my business or cannabis temple located across the street from his office, like good “house Negroes.”

How dare I attempt to open a non-Christian Cannabis Temple without the approval of white officials? How dare I videotape the police harassing my congregation!

On Wednesday 4/27 law enforcement staged a retaliatory raid on my Temple to confiscate my video equipment and charged me with a criminal act (2C:35-4.1c) for having it. They’ve stretched a few statues to justify this confiscation of my property to cover up their abuse of me and my congregation.

In my federal complaint I used a video recording to point out to Federal Judge Peter Sheridan that the police were lying, so last week police came and took my surveillance system. It’s really that simple. How and why no one thinks anything of this just shows how cowardly our citizens as a whole have become. BUT I’m not scared. If I had the cash, I'd just buy another DVR and continue to record them.

Yes, I had about ½ pound of marijuana, a few brownies, and some THC candy—worth about $1,000, not $19,000, as the Prosecutor’s Office lied to the public.

FACT: Only white men in NJ are allowed to sell or distribute marijuana, not “Negroes.” I am a Negro, thus I’m charged.

onofri shotguns2

Up until about 40 years ago there were white-only water fountains, pools, and movie theaters; today in NJ we have white-only-owned ATCs (Alternative Treatment Centers) where white businessmen grow, possess, and distribute marijuana as a medicine.  When brown people possess marijuana, it’s a Schedule I drug having no medical value that’s illegal? We are three times more likely to be prosecuted for it than whites, who use it more. To me this is a clear example of white privilege.

How DARE I have a van (Weedmobil) adorned with images of marijuana leaves and a Blackman (me) blowing marijuana smoke into the face of a white Uncle Sam. This is freedom of expression. The authorities symbolically confiscated it. You ought to share my outrage—what part of the Fourth Amendment justifies taking my WEEDMOBIL?

trentonian weedmobil

I’m upset with the marijuana laws and had the nerve (and balls) to set up a Cannabis Temple across the street from City Hall—similar to how William Penn refused to be part of the Church of England and gave Quaker sermons in defiance of the law. You see, there’s a method to my madness.

Penn was upset with the Conventicle Act, a law that prohibited worship (“tumultuous assembly”) outside the context of the Church of England. To challenge the law, Penn called a meeting at Grace Church in London and preached a sermon that resulted in a “tumultuous assembly.” He was arrested.

He represented himself at trial and was found not guilty—his jury nullified the law. His trial and the subsequent prosecution of the jurors is what eventually lead to the First, Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh amendments in our own U.S. constitution. I plan to repeat this for the citizens of Mercer County.

I rejected Christianity as a teenager, when I was old enough to understand how for 400 years white authorities forced African-Americans to be Christians through the institution of slavery. I didn’t want to be a trained monkey—I sought out my own faith. Like William Penn, I reject the government’s religion of Christianity. Harry Anslinger, the godfather of America’s racist war on black pot smokers, said it: “Reefer makes darkies think they’re as good as white men.”

Imagine if I had money—if a well-off NJ pothead helped me… Whoopi Goldberg, would you please help? I have the balls to fight the Mercer County Prosecutor and the racist drug-war machine, the intelligence to go head-to-head with the prosecutor, but I need cash for this fight. (The Government constantly snatches mine.)

I’m happy the authorities haven’t lynched me—YET, but I’m getting “screwed.” Ever heard of United States vs Screws? In 1945 Baker County, Georgia, Sheriff Claude Screws enlisted the aid of two policemen in arresting Robert Hall. The arrest was made late at night at Hall's home on a bogus warrant charging Hall with theft of a tire. Hall, a young Negro of about 30, was handcuffed and taken by police car to the courthouse. As Hall exited the car at the courthouse, the three began beating him with their fists and a solid-bar blackjack about 8 inches long that weighed 2 pounds. They claimed Hall had reached for a gun and used insulting language as he exited the car. Hall, still handcuffed, was knocked to the ground—they continued to beat him until he was unconscious. Hall was then dragged feet-first through the courthouse yard into the jail, dying within an hour. There was evidence Screws held a grudge against Hall and had threatened to “get” him.

This is where the phrase “GETTING SCREWED” comes from. I know pissed off the white authorities in equal measure, and they are out to get me like SCREWS got HALL.