guptaDr Sanjay Gupta,


Evesham Township,NJ., - vs – NJWeedman (Edward Forchion) summons number: 0313-S-2013-000401

I've watched your documentary WEED. I 100% admire you candor and cahonese to admit to the world the truth about marijuana in 2013. I equally admire your willingness to openly admit you were wrong. I hope your openness and influence will be contagious. Please now help stop the arrest of 800,000 Americans each year based on the lie your now publicly exposing. Example please give Gov Christie a call but I also ask you if you could be a expert witness in my Evesham Twp., NJ marijuana case.

I've been publicly saying the truth here in New Jersey since 1997 and have been vilified, persecuted, prosecuted, jailed an harassed by law enforcement based on the lie that marijuana is a schedule 1 drug. All schedule 1 drugs are illegal. I've always been telling the truth, at one point in 2002 State of New Jersey officials jailed me for 5 months for making 3 commercials telling the truth about marijuana. I was only freed after filing a "Writ of  Habeas Corpus" by Federal Judge Irenas of the Federal District Court NJ.

(See all 3 commercials here:

As you know Even though 20 states and the District of Columbia have recognized the medical usefulness of marijuana many states such as New Jersey still base it's marijuana criminal statutes on the lie that marijuana has no medical value. And prosecute people like myself who have refuse to accept the Government lie that marijuana has no value. Some states like New Jersey do it simultaneously. The State of New Jersey officially is a medical marijuana state, that has licensed individuals to use medicinally, and corporations to distribute marijuana as a medicine. Yet prosecutes hundreds of marijuana users monthly based on (THE LIE) totally false science that marijuana is harmful, bad, and has no medical value in the United States and thus illegal.


It's actually a joke to call New Jersey a medical marijuana state anyway! The medical marijuana Compassionate Use Act was a very bad Bill that got signed into law on Jan 18th, 2010 by Governor Corzine. Governor Christie immediately set out to dismantle, undermine and obstruct its implementation. He ridiculed marijuana as a effective as a medicine.  Because of the politics of pot in New Jersey It took nearly three years to go into effect and has been so watered down and complicated that only 127 of 1000+ patients have actually received medical marijuana. The New Jersey system is broken, no marijuana is even being distributed. Again I wonder if you could personally talk to Gov Christie and maybe enlighten him to change his mind.

As you point out in your documentary marijuana is not a schedule 1 drug - thus its reclassification should effectively make marijuana legal. What you don’t talk about is lawyers don't want that, the marijuana lie is the Cannabis Cash Cow without this lie being criminally enforced marijuana is rescheduled and legal.

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Dr - I have a current criminal case in Evesham Twp Nj and would like to ask you if you can be my expert witness. I'm utilizing a "medical necessity" defense. I am a medical marijuana patient suffering from the effects of bone cancer. I get painful "Giant Cell Tumors" that i receive a monthly experimental drug treatment for a the Santa Monica Oncology - Santa Monica California.  Surgeries  have failed in the past. I'm licensed in the state of California to have medical marijuana and travel back and forth between the two medical states. I was arrested 4/15/2013 at 10pm in Evesham township with two doses (joints) worth of marijuana.

(1) - going to bed joint

(2) - wake and bake joint

I've been a very vocal advocate for marijuana in Burlington County New Jersey for years. I'm running for Burlington County freeholder as a protest, as a way to raise awareness to the criminal marijuana statutes. Evesham twp is located here in Burlington County. I could be jailed (6 months) and once again have my cancer treatments interrupted.

The entire public in this area knows I have Bone Cancer and use marijuana medically, everyone knows the laws are wrong. But In municipal cases there is no jury only a lawyer masquerading as a Judge. The lawyer in this case is Judge Caplan she denied this motion : - on July 25th.

In every criminal marijuana case there is a chemical report, the state report describes marijuana as a schedule 1 drug. The case is scheduled for trial on 9/8/2013 and I'd like you to challenge the states (EVESHAM TWP) description of marijuana as a schedule 1 drug before Judge Caplan as I proceed with my medical necessity defense.

I was jailed for 5 months for making this commercial
I was jailed for 5 months for making this ad