FACT - Dogs lives are more valuable to some.

FOXNEW's TUCKER CARLSEN believes Micheal Vick should have been executed for killing dogs. He and FOXNEWS are now happy about George Zimmermans "acquital" for killing a black kid.

I’m a Philadelphia Eagle fan thru and thru and have been since I was a kid. As long as the Eagles uniforms are Ganja Green I’ll be an Eagle fan. For the last years days I’ve watched the hatred of Eagles quarter back Michael Vick by "some" because he killed some dogs. (and went to prison for it) – I’m a dog lover myself. Pit-bull owner too and didn't get it.

A couple years ago when Eagles coach Andy Reid picked Michel Vick to join the Eagles fresh out of prison from a dog fighting, scandal millions screamed bloodie eaglemurder. Vick was and still is a hated man, for killing dogs. Many in the black community feel Vick was overly persecuted for his “crimes against dogs” and shouldn’t have went to prison for it and were happy when the Eagles gave him a second chance. I was one of those people. I was one of those Eagles fans who loved it that he was back in the league. Some wondered what if Vick was white? I actually took pride in his making a comeback from what "the man" did to him similar to how I felt when DC-Mayor Marion Barry was re-instated as mayor by the black people of DC after the charade of a prosecution he was subjected to by "the man". There were and still are those who "hound" (pun intended) MV for his dog scandal. There were plenty of denials the hatred of VICK wasn’t about race. Many of "us" still suspect the opposite. Vick is openly a villain to many.

vick zimmerman3Now I’m watching George Zimmerman becoming a hero, a poster child for the NRA – this era’s Bernard Geotz.

My facebook friends who love me for my avocation of  legalization of marijuana are vilifying me for my opinions of the George Zimmerman trial, my comparaison of the Zimmerman verdict to the Emment Til case and verdicts are making them mad.

This morning when I smoked my first joint and was thinking about the Eagles season and this Zimmerman trial. I wondered what MV thinks about Zimmerman not getting convicted or how the Jury clearly didn’t value Tyvon Martins life as much as the Virginia legal system valued Vicks dogs.

If I had a chance to smoke a Phatty and ask Michael Vick a Question - that would be it right now. I'd ask him how he felt about doing almost two years in prison for fighting and killing dogs and his opinion on GZ not doing anytime for killing a kid! Then I’d ask him sports questions like if he thinks he’s going to be successful in this new offensive scheme. Before I'm a marijuana activist I'm a African-American man, likewise I'm sure Vick before he's a football player also feels himself as a african-american man

vick zimmerman2