Several times in the last few days i was asked to travel to Washington and attempt to meet with members of Congress to discuss "marijuana legalization". In the 90's I actually did it a couple times but the "naivety" of that wore off almost two decades ago. I regard these 535 members as the reason so many of us have become victims. To me there is a real war going on and these are the enemy. I wish i didn't feel that way but i have a intense dislike for these members regardless of party affiliation when it comes to discussing the war on drugs.

 Trust me if that is what you want to do go for it - it's better than what most potheads do – which is nothing!

I'm proud of you citizens that do such. I just can't myself, I'm unwilling to put on a suit and tie & lobby a congressmen, beg them to hear me, writing them a letter just isn't something I want to do again. That gets us nothing in my opinion. There has been no change in the marijuana laws on the federal level in 40+ years. I just can’t beg the dudes that wage this war on "us". I'd rather openly say "FUCK THE LAW I'm SMOKING ANYWAY" and encourage others too as well. I personally believe we need a huge civil dis-obedience aspect of our movement to effectively force change. Large scale smoke outs, open dis regard for the law and Jury Nullification cases. This is why i wanted to do my Jury Nullification tour. To teach the masses.

congress2Ill explain myself: - First I regard these 435 congression persons as assholes, and the 100 senators as dickheads these are the PEOPLE who put me in a cage a couple times for "A PLANT". It wasn't the cops, or the Prosecutors it's these people. These law-makers are the reason 17 million other Americans have been imprisoned for marijuana since THE 91st CONGRESS passed the Controlled Substance Act of 1970. I know at any time the current 213th CONGRESS could convene a session and vote to remove marijuana from the controlled substance act, even today if they desired. They could pass legislation tonight to parole, pardon and free the current imprisoned victims of the "war on drugs". But they have no intention of doing any of that in the foreseeable future. They are blowing smoke up your ass as they entertain you, they are married to the drug war! Repeal? It's against their party policies, (both the Democratic and the Republican Parties) who equally wage and support the "war on drugs"; and the inclusion of marijuana in it. There is no divorce on the horizon and I can't ust be the bitch in the bed getting fucked!

congress3Second Most All of these Congressional members are supported and take money from the Prohibitionist and openly work against us - "we the people". Just look up who their corporate donors are and then look up which corporations support the "WAR on Drugs". You see I already know and I know if my broke ass talked to a member of congress it means nothing to him. I'm powerless in this respect to him because I can't do nothing for him. In this aspect I regard them as my enemy and i have no desire to beg, plead or kiss their asses. There are plenty of others willing to do that and your free to do so! More power to you! I understand we need people like you, because people like me have no desire to speak to the Congressional rapist and pilagers. I'd rather do my part by engaging in civil-disobedience acts and showing my non-conformity, I'd rather be the non-capitulating example to others and serve my time in this "war" being on the front-lines. I have no motivation to be in the rear, speaking to these congress people that have imprisoned, jailed and persecuted (me) "us" with a smile on their face. I don’t want to shake their hands I have no temperament to deal with their evilness. I feel like these 535 members have raped and pillaged my life, my families life and I have no desire to capitulate, cooperate or co-jovial with any of them.

 The cage’s they put me in ruined any chance of me being nice so I have no reason to be in their presence. I wouldn't expect a Afghan war veteran to shake the hand of a Taiban, or a Al Quaida member. To me Congress similarly is my mortal enemy in this "War on Drugs". If you don't understand this my guess is you've got to spend time in a 10X20 cell for a few months to understand that from my perspective. You see I'd rather shake the hand of a powerless police officer doing his job (thou enforcing a bogus law) than to be in a room with of these powerful characters that write these laws and wage their evil war on us - deliberately.