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Southern New Jersey
Your rights have been stolen!

You have the right to regulate your own body!

I want to wear this shirt on a commercial


This year. I again am going to run for office as a way of Protesting the marijuana laws! 
This year I will call my election campaigne 

I don't really have to many planned protest this year due to lack of money, but as I come-up 
with Idea's I will post them. The only protest I know I'm going to do is a The state house. 

March 16 :
Civil Dis-Obedience protest at the NJ State House

APRIL 20th, 2000
American Dissident Declaration

On this day I went to the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia Pa and 
openly ingested marijuana into my body as well as read my declaration 
to the public. Philadelphia KYW (3) TV news taped this.

APRIL 29th, 2000
Benifit Concert -Weymouth NJ
This event is being put on by Mark Dixon a freind and 
supporter of of www.cures-not-wars.org

MAY 6, 2000

All over the world cities and towns will be participating in the
Millennium Marijuana March. I'm organizing a small protest/picnic
(12 noon) in Camden's Wiggins Park at (3 pm) we will travel across the
Ben Franklin Bridge to Philadelphia's 
liberty square. At about 420 PM. 
I will smoke a joint in front of the Liberty Bell.
Because Liberty Bell square park is a Federal site. 
The charges that will result will be federal.
(Didn't get arrested) -(click here)
The Government has no authority to regulate my body.

JUNE 8, 2000
Press Conference

On June 8th, I openly held a press conference in front of the 
Burlington County Courthouse. This was to insure the local media
that I truely inhaled. I announced I was again running for 1St.
Dist Congressional seat as well as Burlington County Freeholder.

JULY 30, 2000

My protest of The Republician Convention in Philadelphia - though-out 
the convention on CNN,  & MTV I will be airing pro-marijuana
legalization commercials. This protest I believe will gain international as well 
as national attention.

AUGUST 2, 2000
-Liberty Bell Smoke-out-
Again I decided to use one of the most revered symbols of Liberty in 
the world. The Liberty Bell as a background for my protest.

SEPT 2000
I was ordered not to talk about Jury Nullification during my trial. 
FUCK that order, unless my right to free speech is suspended
just because I'm in a so-called court of law, I'm talking JN

OCT. 31st, 2000 
This will probably be one of my last protest, I will probably be 
incarcerated after this. I can't as usual post what I'm going to 
do but I do beleive this will be my best on yet!

OOPS That one flopped. (I'll about it in my book.)

NOV 4th, 2000-Liberty Bell Protest

Nov. 19th, 2000





Beginning this March-1999, I plan to start randomly arriving at a different local municipal court 1/2 hour before they start "Robbing" citizens. I will not cause any disruptions, I will not be trying to get arrested. I will just be handing out, (www.fija.org), Fully Informed Jury Nullification literature. To protest the NJ municipal courts systems practice of denying it's citizens a jury trial-in violation of the 5th, 6th, and 7th amendments. As well as Legalize Marijuana leaflets with my number and web address (www.njweedman.com) on them. I know I have the right to do this, and I know I'm supposed to be protected by the first amendment. Although last year I had one incident (May 19th) where NJ State Police Officer Patrick Thornton, who works out of the Bellmarw, NJ (08033) tried to throw me off the steps (assault) of the Gloucester Township Municipal courthouse steps because he didn't like the LEGAL information I was distributing. 

"Pro Marijuana Legalization leaflets". The state police and the Gloucester township police department has covered up this attack by one of it's own, even though there where 6 witness's who where willing to testify about what they saw. I don't expect anything like that to happen again. 

See NJ State Police.

    Jury pool pollution, I want to pollute them with knowledge!
Thereby informing/enlightening them, The state wants ill-informed jurors. 

      Simultaneously, I will also begin distributing (www.fija.org) Fully Informed Jury Association literature outside the Camden County Hall of Justice (a lot of injustice is done here), at 5th and Mickle Bvd's in Camden, NJ, where superior court is located. I want to do this on monday's and tuesday's that correspond with jury pool selection days. I will be located on the public sidewalks with a sign over my chest/back that will read "JURY DUTY ?",  each person (potential juror) who mistakenly thinks I'm giving out directions for court will be handed information that all potential jurors should know. Like "a juror has the right to judge the law as well as evidence" , "A juror cannot be punished for acquitting a defendant for violating a law that the juror's feels is a unjust law" and leaflets explaining jury veto power". I hope the week that my jury is chosen individuals who agree will help distribute outside courthouse alongside of me. 


APRIL 20th @ 420pm - 1999
      At the John Heinz Wildlife Preserve, just off interstate 95's (exit 9) prospect park exit,  south of the Philadelphia International Airport many of the area's freedom fighters and supporting citizens will be holding the 1st Annual Citizens Freedom 420 rally. Band together as one in our quest! The government has no right to decide or dictate how we, as FREE CITIZENS, live our lives. For years we've been under the control of a small group of senile old men, who have no interest, in their minds, for us, but only for themselves. We as a people must decide for ourselves what is right for each of us. In order to do this we must stand INDIVIDUALLY AS ONE!---Stand up against the democratic/republican party's who have stolen our freedoms, and demand that they return them. 

More info available in the future. 

Wiggins Park, Camden NJ-next to E/center
April 24Th 2pm-(4:20 pm-7:00 pm)

          Join the "Legalize Marijuana Party's" second annual coming out POT- PICNIC.  Last year, at the inaugural event it rained all morning and it was held on a weekday.( so we could march on Hall of Justice, which we did!) Several local bands appeared and it planted the seeds for this years event to become a annual event. Only about 200 people attended last years event (mainly because of the weather). This years event will be a much more informal event that last years. This year due to my legal case's we don't have the $2000.00 for insurance, and expense's of last year. So we have decided for the moment not to apply for a permit, have no bands, and just call it a picnic and invite everyone who interested to come hang-out at the park. (no alcohol). Peaceful assembly is lawful. At about 420 everyday I use my medicine, this day will be no different. Bring yourself, bring your friends, bring food and most importantly of all bring "God's Medicine". 

Literature and info will be exchanged. If you've got a BULLHORN PLEASE BRING IT! 
If we get a influx of cash -we will apply for a permit, and invite local bands so stay tuned. 

COME ON NOW! Get involved participate. "Peacefully" no-more arrest!

How you can help? 

     In anyway you think you can. Obviously money is what helps grassroots efforts the most but your physical help is just as valuable. One day passing out literature is immensely valuable. Help spread the message. Pass on the web address. - pay for newspaper/radio ads, share the weed, or write letters to all of the local papers, judges, politicians advocating and end to the so-called "War on Drugs". 

Just get involved! Help Re-legalize! 

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