Prologue by ED FORCHION

I've always believed in divine fate, and the knowledge that I was a messenger of GOD. I was born with the unique power of ESP - (Extra Sensory Perception). As a person with ESP, I had numerous occasions to receive the direct word of GOD. My ability has always directed me to further important actions, events and life forms my soul encountered that were meant for me to meet in furtherance of my "GOD-GIVEN" mission to "FREE THE TREE OF LIFE". GOD - JAH RASTAFARI had placed my soul on this planet, in AMERIKKKA, for a purpose! It was no mistake that I was born on JULY 23, 1964 sharing the creation day with HAILE SALASSI: with GANJA green eyes to see my way through BABYLON'S wickedness.

In today's AMERIKKKA, no one hears you unless you have a gimmick, talent or a "GOD GIVEN" gift. Otherwise you're just another Social Security number Uncle Sam exploits through taxation or criminalization. With a land of over 200 million taxpayers, 30 million marijuana users and 2 million DRUG WAR PRISONERS, we teeter on the brink of capture, liable to fall either way on any given day.

Life in DRUG WAR torn AMERIKKKA can be drastically improved or be ruined based on the events of one day. (Example) If you're a New Jersey State Trooper "profiling" on the turnpike your life can be drastically improved by ruining someone else's life with drug confiscation and arrest.

November 24, 1997 was that day for me. That day my life began to take meaning. On this day UNCLE SAM'S drug war policies, N.J.Governor Christy Whitman's new laws and the idiots who are dedicated to enforcing them at the CAMDEN COUNTY PROSECUTORS office arrested me, ED FORCHION. That day, mild-mannered and patriotic AMERICAN, ED FORCHION emerged from the BELLMAWR POLICE STATION as a POW and as:


I knew right then and there in that Police Station interrogation room, that the strange and unique powers and encounters of my life were directed to this day. It was then that I understood my mission in life. "It was to combat the un-American drug war".


Earlier that morning at 9:40 am while listening to HOWARDSTERN (KING of all Media) I was arrested and charged with 1st degree possession of 39-pounds of "GANJA" - (marijuana), with intent to distribute and conspiracy. Punishable by up to 30 year’s imprisonment in one of AMERIKKKA's gulag's. Imagine that I was facing 30 years imprisonment for possession of one of "GOD'S" greatest gifts. UNCLE SAM and Christy Whitman were trying to ruin me; trying to take me from my family as they have done to millions of other AMERICANS. I decided to fight right there and then!

I knew this day wasn't going to ruin me and my family’s lives. "GOD" was on my side. I knew this day was ultimately going to enhance my life, as well as the lives of others who would benefit from "NJWEEDMAN'S" mission to free the "TREE OF LIFE". - I LOVE MY COUNTRY, BUT FEAR MY GOVERNMENT; is how I always thought of the marijuana laws prior to this day.

BRUCE WAYNE became BATMAN; one day after he witnessed his parents shot dead before him. Robin became BATMAN'S sidekick one day after the death of his parents on the trapeze. KALIL a/k/a CLARK KENT became SUPERMAN, one day after the destruction of his home world "KRYPTON". PETER PARKER became SPIDERMAN, one day after failing to stop a thief who later that day the same thief killed his Uncle Ben. To keep from going insane, PETER vowed never to allow a criminal to escape, as he had done that day. The emergence of these SUPER-HEROES’S was inspired by the events of one day; just as they had for me.

So on this day NOV. 24th, 1997 "NJWEEDMAN" became, speaker of TRUTH, JUSTICE and the THC positive teacher of KNOWLEDGE, holder of the secret "RIGHT" of jury nullification the "WE THE PEOPLE" weapon of war. WEEDMAN vowed to do battle with the super drug war villains CHRISTY "the bitch" WHITMAN (N.J. Governor), General Barry "McLiar" McCaffery who weedman refers to as "CAPTIAN McIDIOT".


And the most powerful DRUG WAR warrior of them all "UNCLE SAM" with his legions of minion minded, traitorous and morally bankrupt lawyers. His lawyers betray the principals and interests of the US and NJ Constitutions, with corrupt passage of unconstitutional legislation, and drug war policies. These unconstitutional and anti-individual liberties "ACTS" enslave the peaceful POTHEAD populations of AMERIKKKA, while lining the pockets of the SLIMY LEGAL PROFESSION.

"NJWEEDMAN" vowed to destroy the New Jersey marijuana laws. Soon thereafter he was heard on New Jersey and Philadelphia talk-radio shows proclaiming to bring the matter before the U.S. Supreme Court. NJWEEDMAN announced his intention to run for the 1st district U.S. Congressional seat of New Jersey. Never in the annuals of AMERICAN DRUG WAR history had such an AMERICAN DISSIDENT emerged, "NJWEEDMAN SUPER-HERO of the POTHEADS!"

Combining his "GANJA-enhanced" creativity with examples of the civil rights movement, "NJWEEDMAN" brought the passive resistance, and civil dis-obedience examples of the Martin Luther King and ROSA PARKS to the ANTI-DRUG war movement. "NJWEEDMAN staged "smoke-outs", and engaged in ongoing peaceful pothead protests of the marijuana laws. "NJWEEDMAN" not only ran for U.S. Congress but several local county offices as well, boldly making public statements to "LEGALIZE MARIJUANA". 

"NJWEEDMAN" formed the (LMP) LEGALIZE MARIJUANA PARTY and encouraged over 10,000 fellow potheads to vote for him. Never had the stooges in government encountered such as patriot in their declared war on "WE THE PEOPLE" in the 30 years since enacting the unconstitutional CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE ACT (CSA) of 1970. This act officially was the government’s declaration of "WAR" against its own citizens. "NJWEEDMAN" even took his battle into cyber space, creating his own website:




In Volume No. 2 “NJWEEDMAN” meets the first of his many arch enemies “WEED-WHACKER”.


“WEED-WHACKER” was created in a abandoned factory Paterson New Jersey (volume No. 1) by Government agents to fight “NJWEEDMAN” and to destroy the herb  “marijuana” were every he found it.


WEED-WHACKER is aligned himself with the New Jersey State Police; the state police used WEED-WHACKER to find and destroy fields of “marijuana” and encourage citizens to rat on “POTHEADS”. They created a  1-800 number for unscrupulous citizens to call and report on the peaceful use or growing of marijuana by POTHEADS, the number rings in WEED-WHACKERS  evil lair.


The NJWeedman fights “WEED-WHACKER” using THC power.

“NJWEEDMAN” is dedicated to fighting the corrupt New Jersey Court system. Using THC enhanced brain power NJWEEDMAN helps “POTHEADS” with legal documents and provides expert testimony to combat the corrupt court officials desire to enslave all “POTHEADS” in the states prison system!


The New Jersey Attorney General “Peter Harvey” , Camden County Prosecutor Lee Solomon and Camden County Public Defender Micheal Friedman join “WEED-WHACKER” and Uncle Sam in an attempt to imprison “NJWEEDMAN” and all “POTHEADS”.










THE STATE OF NEW JERSEY WAS SO AFRAID THAT "ED FORCHION" WOULD BECOME A COUNTER CULTURE HERO THAT HE WAS DENIED RIGHT TO CHANGE "his" NAME TO: NJWEEDMAN - and jailed for 5 months when he tried to tell the truth about the "Govenments Racist War on Drugs" in ad's he tried to air "PRO-MARIJUANA LEGALIZATION" commericials on TV