I always viewed myself as a combination of these four great African's. Since I understand that the U.S. "war on drugs" is in reality a” RACIST WAR on "US". I've employed the tactics of these great AFRICAN freedom fighters to combat the RACISM of America's so-calledWAR ON DRUGS".





Marcus Garvey, with his self-reliance and back to Africa, and African ways/religions movement.

"If the white man has the image of a white GOD, let him worship his GOD as he desires. If the yellow man's GOD is of his own race let him worship his GOD as he sees fit. We as Negroes have found a new ideal. Whilst our GOD has no color, yet it is human to see everything through your own spectacles, and since the white people have seen their GOD through white spectacles, we have only now started our (late though it maybe) to see our GOD through our own spectacles. The GOD of ISSAC and the GOD of Jacob let HIM exist for the race that believes in the GOD of Isaac and the GOD of Ethiopia, the everlasting GOD - GOD the father, GOD the Son and GOD the HOLY GHOST, the One GOD of all ages. That is the GOD in whom we believe, but we shall worship HIM through the spectacles of ETHIOPIA.” MARCUS GARVEY


Malcolm X who's quote "by any means necessary", I have taken to heart -and action obviously!

Martin Luther King with "his non violent protest", I have also been dedicated to protesting pot laws peacefully.

Nelson Mandela - And lastly I hope I don't spent as much time in prison as this great African - Ultimately Nelson won his fight for freedom as I also wish to feel as victorious one day. "I have fought against white domination, and I have fought against black domination. I have cherished the ideal of a democratic and free society in which all persons live together in harmony and with equal opportunities. It is an ideal which I hope to live for and to achieve. But if needs be, it is an ideal for which I am prepared to die."

Nelson Mandela


LMP Founder  


EDWARD FORCHION - Born Robert Edward Forchion Jr, on July 23rd 1964, to Robert Sr and Elizabeth Forchion as a child "Robbie" as everyone called him was an avid reader and studier of African History and the struggles of African American's. He was born with Asthma and high yellow skin both of which he considered afflictions.


While both his parents were Baptist as a child "Robbie" rejected Christianity as a tool of white society to keep African people down. Very early in his readings of MARCUS GARVEY he learned of the Christian Churches role in Slavery. Christian missionaries and slave traders were one and the same. Missionary outposts and slaver traders outpost were one and the same. In 1457, the "Catholic/Christian Council of Cardinals" met in Holland and sanctioned, as a RIGHTEOUS and progressive idea, the enslavement of AFRICANS for the purpose of conversion to the Christian faith. The Christian church sanctioned the exploitation of AFRICANS in the labor market as chattel. This devilish scheme speedily became the standard policy of the Christian Church for over 400 years. One of the first things a slave owner did was to quickly try to break the new AFRICAN slave of their traditional religion's and customs by forcing them to accept un-natural Christian customs such as the "one-man one woman concept, eating pork, abortions and acceptance of white dominance over them. For nearly 350 years (1619-1865) Christian's used certain biblical verse's to program Africans that they were supposed to be owned by white's, these teachings still affect African Americans to this day.


Ed insisted that Africans would never be free until they at least shed the whiteman's forced religion. Ed regularly disrupted church when he was forced by his parents to attend, and compared the church to the NAZI YOUTH programs of Hitler's Germany calling them both racist - irrational PROPAGANDA/BRAINWASHING organizations. Seeing that this was America he concluded he had every right to accept or reject any religion he wanted, "this is America," he was constantly quoted as saying when asked why he wasn't a Christian and seemed proud not to be. This stance did not make him a favorite among his more Christian relatives, by the time he was a teenager he learned to keep his opinions on religion to himself. Other than this he was regarded as an average teenager in black America.  

As a youngster Edward was not really interested in being a "good student" preferring to just pass on to the next grade, while teacher's and counselors all recognized Ed's above average intellect. He flat out just wasn't interested in being an "A" student although excelling in many standardized tests, and having above average reasoning ability.

At age 16 Ed smoked his first "marijuana cigarette" and instantly was impressed with its medicinal healing powers, in regards to his ASTHMA. He stopped using the dangerous chemical medicine's he was prescribed, usually Steroids. With his new medicine "marijuana” Ed was able to live a pretty normal health life. His friends affectionately began to call him "weedman" because he constantly boasted of its healing power's and always had some, and rarely declined to share if asked. "SHARE THE WEED IS STILL A FAVORITE QUOTE OF HIS"

FACT: MARIJUANA IS GOOD FOR ASTHMA SUFFERS Marijuana is a very good asthma medicine, despite Christian objections to the herb. Asthma Studies (US REPORT "marijuana helps with asthma), (Marijuana as Asthma Medicine.)& ( Marijuana is a medicine


The first ban on Marijuana was a "CHRISTIAN" religious ban - Pope innocent V11 (1484) decreed "cannabis" a unholy herb, Satan’s weed, herb of heathens, weed of the satanic masses etc., Christians still enforce this ridiculous ban.

Nov 1985 his oldest daughter CHANEL was born to his "woman friend Pam", who later became his first wife.

This picture was taken in June 1989, while in the ARMY on the balcony of apartment in Quiddersbach, West Germany. -

In 1986 he enlisted in the USMC and without his medicine (“MARIJUANA”) and had an Asthma attack, he was then discharged. After being medically discharged from the U.S.M.C. he changed his name to Edward and enlisted in the US Army. This time he continued to use marijuana as his asthma medicine despite what the government said about it. It was his medicine. April 18th, 1988 he and Pam were married at Ft Bliss Texas Chapel #7. He was honorably dis-charged on June 21st, 1990, and became a coast to coast trucker. Buying his own truck pictured below in 1994.


While driving in Arizona in 1992 he came upon individuals who were trying to Legalize Marijuana for medicinal reasons. Eventually succeeding with Arizona prop 200. Ed being a medicinal marijuana user quickly got involved in PROVIDING MARIJUANA to others who also wished to use this great herb. Again his friends affectionately began to call him "weedman".

Following the teachings of MARCUS GARVEY to shed the "whiteman's" religion he subsequently became involved in the RASTAFARIAN faith. RASTAFARI is an African based religion that embrace's nature and herbal medicine's; founded by Africans on Jamaica in the 1930's. He had totally rejected Christianity at this point in his life and avidly began following the RASTAFARIAN faith, in 1994 after his born again Christian wife "Pam" had two abortions he didn't want her to have (which he called murder). They broke up over her legally killing his kids!




After the abortions he was obsessed with having kids. Between June 95 - Sept 98 he remarried and had three more kids becoming a very proud father again. Two with Janice his wife and one with Linda Holden. The state of New Jersey has taken all parental rights to one of his children Ajanea because of his acceptance of this illegal religion, RASTAFARI. "He say's in New Jersey you can be a Homosexual, a Lesbian, a single mother, and have kids but if you follow RASTAFARI - "a illegal religion", you can-not have a child!!!"

  Ed used marijuana both recreationally/religiously as well as medicinally with-out incident until he was 33, (Nov 24th-97) when he was arrested and charged with conspiracy to posse’s marijuana. Instead of accepting the state of New Jersey's offer to a plea deal which would have sent him to prison for years he insisted on a Defense of Jury Nullification. He learned of Jury Nullification as a child reading about such individuals as William Penn and Martin Luther King.

MLK - recognized Jury Nullification as a way to equal treatment in US courts of law. This was one of the reasons MLK insisted on voter rights for Africans, you see Africans who were excluded from voting where also excluded from serving on juries. During the Jim Crow era Africans were thrown in jail by all white juries at record numbers. 

ED believer’s drug laws are racist, and worst than the Jim Crow laws of the 30's 40's and 50's

Through-out history human have always used intoxicants, it really depended on what part of the world, or culture you followed as to what intoxicant you used. I.E, the Chinese used opium, Mexicans and Africans used cannabis; South American used the coca plant. Europeans used (Alcohol) beer and later tobacco. While this country is supposed to be a melting pot, the belief's and customs of the dominate culture - (European) have been made into law, others have been made illegal. - Thus the intoxicants preferred by the dominate race is legal to consume (Alcohol and Tobacco) while the intoxicants and many aspects of t minority cultures (religions) have been made illegal by the larger more dominate white culture. Substances used by minorities are called drugs and made illegal. Religions like RASTAFARI, VOODOO, SANTERIA and many others are called "CULT'S" and Africans wishing to follow them are confronted with laws that make their faiths illegal to practice!!!!

All while the European intoxicants are legal, despite the fact that tobacco and alcohol kill 500,000 Americans each year while other intoxicants like marijuana kill no-one ever. Yet the dominate European-American society falsely claims marijuana is dangerous and outlaws it's use. Those who ignore the lies are ruined by the dominate culture is this racist or not? ( SEE: This Story )


Today Africans are thrown in prison in record numbers, the dominate white society now use's the racist drug laws to do it. Ed recognizing this just wanted to tell the truth about marijuana to his jury. He founded the LMP "LEGALIZE MARIJUANA PARTY" on April 1st, 1998. He ran for public offices under the "Legalize Marijuana Party" in 1998, 1999 & in 2000 as his trial was under-way as a way of informing his juror's. Hoping that jurors who could see the truth in the marijuana laws and not just the propaganda that the government irrationally insists is the truth. He made a point of letting the local media quote him, knowing according to Miranda decision anything he said and did could and would be used against him. ( see stories) It was amazing the resistance the legal profession put up to keep Ed from telling the truth about marijuana. Several lawyer's refused to assist him and the Office of the Public defender refused as well despite being ordered to do so. Despite this Ed insisted on utilizing open Avocation of Jury Nullification for his defense.

When asked why don't civil rights organizations like the NAACP raise these same concerns he state's, "the majority of the leadership of the NAACP are clergy in the Christian church and are hopelessly programmed to believe the lie's of white society". The church continuing to serve it's purpose he say's. - TO KEEP Africans in their place's, conforming to white rituals and customs as America's slave owner's had originally intended.


"One who breaks an unjust law must do so openly, lovingly, and with a willingness to accept the penalty. I submit that an individual who breaks a law that conscience tells him is unjust and who willingly accepts the penalty of imprisonment in order to arouse the conscience of the community over its injustice, is in reality expressing the highest respect for law." - Martin Luther King, Jr. (1929-1968),



The trial began on Sept 18th after quite a bit of delaying, and resistance to his defense. Quickly Ed started using his planned tactic's and two Juror's were reduced to tears one being excused on day two of testimony. The Prosecutor recognizing Ed may at least get a hung jury decided to offer him a very good deal. - He accepted the deal which would allow have allowed him to be released in less than a year. - A week later he motioned the court to allow him to withdrawal his motion. On Dec. 1st, 2000 Judge Thompson had the choice to either allow Ed to withdraw his motion or he could have sentenced him to prison. "HE SENTENCED HIM TO "PRISON". Ed vowed to appeal! 

  I'm now going to prison for my religion here in America! Where your supposed to have freedom of religion! The founding fathers of this country made freedom of religion the number 1 right, yet today these morons we call politicians have made some religions illegal and no-body cares because it's not their religion.

On Dec. 1st 2000 Ras Ed reported to

"The New Jersey State Prison System"

RAS ED became a :

He became one of the over 1 million U.S. Drug WAR PRISONERS





* 4/3/2002 Unexpectantly* 
is released from state prison
read the story below.

APRIL 8, 2002 
by Jeff Edelstein, (staff writer) 

Ed "NJWeedman" Forchion is no longer smoking pot

Comparatively speaking, this is similar in scope to a magic genie no longer granting wishes. Forchion, 37, was released last week from state prison, where he served 17 months for possessing 25 pounds of marijuana. He was released into the state's Intensive Supervision Program (ISP), a heightened form of parole, in which Forchion, among other things, could have his body and home searched for any illegal herbs. 

"Obviously, I can't smoke marijuana," Forchion said. "But that won't be a problem. I told the judge I went 17 months on the inside without smoking, and I was offered pot every day. Every day. I was a mini-celebrity in there." The reason for Forchion's celebrity is due to his unflinching belief that marijuana should be legalized. Known nationwide as the founder of the (LMP) Legalize Marijuana Party, Forchion, a Pemberton resident, has pulled many stunts to bring attention to the legalization movement. 

He's run for office, getting 2,706 votes for Burlington County freeholder and 1,983 votes during a congressional run. He also has lit up joints in courtrooms, a judge's office, and most famously, during a session of the state assembly. But that's all behind him, thanks to the conviction and the conditions of the ISP release. "Because of ISP, I can't be an open advocate for legalization," Forchion said. "But none of my opinions have changed. And people know me more now than before, so I don't need to run around with a sign or smoke in the assembly." 

While Forchion might be keeping his legalization talk on the back burner, he is still intent on fighting the system that put him in prison in the first place. Forchion is fighting the battle on many fronts, most notably in Federal Appeals court. The court accepted his appeal, and Forchion is now waiting for his day in court. 

Forchion alleges his trial was unconstitutional due to his not being allowed to call witnesses and his not being allowed to pursue jury nullification as a defense. Jury nullification, in it's pure sense, is when a jury decides that a law is unjust, and thus refuses to convict. The trick to this strategy, however, is that it is illegal in Jersey to inform a jury of this right. Forchion went with the strategy anyway, without help from the Public Defender's office. And Forchion was not allowed to call witnesses, including doctors, who were set to testify marijuana should be legal.

"What happened was a total sham and mockery," Forchion said. "People just blew me off because I was a pothead. I was the little guy fighting the Goliath of government and they took away my slingshot -- jury nullification. It's the 'We the People' weapon." 

While in Riverfront State Prison, Forchion also had trouble securing all the court transcripts needed for his appeal. After 17 months, he says he now finally has them all. "I couldn't believe state officials got away with not giving me my transcripts," Forchion said. "It was a cover-up." One question that hangs over Forchion's head, especially now that he out of jail, is what happens if the federal courts overturn his original conviction? Would he be willing to go back on trial, call his witnesses, practice jury nullification, and risk being sent back to jail? All in the hopes of legalizing marijuana? "Absolutely," Forchion said. 




*(I.S.P.) Intensive Supervised Parole is  prison without walls. I must go to 2 (n/a) Narcotics Anonoymous meetings and 2 (a/a) Alcohol Anonoynms meetings (I don't drink) a week. I must preform 16 hours of community service a month, but until I get a job I must perform 4 hours of community service a day. All because I know the truth about Marijuana, used Marijuana, helped others obtain Marijuana, had the nerve to publicly tell the truth about marijuana, point out the absurdness and unconstitutionalness of the law. Least I not forget I also had the nerve to try to inform the "WE THE PEOPLE" of JURY NULLIFICATION the "we the people" weapon of "war".We can end this government declared "WAR" on us if we just utilized JURY NULLIFICATION.

BTW- I finally got the transcripts 4/6/2002






After I was released from PRISON into the ISP (Intensive Supervision Program) I learned that the state was using the program as the Inmate Silence Program. I was ordered not to talk to the press, and not to talk about my faith (because of marijuana ). When I dis regarded this illegal - "UNCONSTITUTIONAL" mandate I was jailed  in June (see: jailed ) and again on August 19th, 2002.

Officially- The August imprisonment was for making 3 anti-drug war commercials and  maintaining this website - I've described  this imprisonment as CENSORSHIP.

Un-officially, I'm a "NIGGER" with a big mouth (for complaining about the racist war on drugs) and racist state officals wanted to silence me!"

The state held me in the Burlington County Jail (SEE LETTER FROM BCJ) for 5 months until a FEDERAL Judge freed me ruling the imprisonment was unconstitutional and illegal.

While I was in prisoned Mr John Saykanic, esq. filed my "APPEAL-BRIEF" of my original conviction. Long delayed because state officals with-held the transcripts and purposely prevented me from appealing in a timely fashion. Please read APPEAL.

 But again I'm still a
 of America's






* Please forward this to all you know and be sure to write the editorial pages of  "THESE" local Newspapers and voice your opinions on this case. The  unfair trial, the state's renigging on it's deal, my name change denial/denial of JURY NULLIFICATION and of course of the re-imprisonment for talking!*