On November 10th, 1997 "NJWEEDMAN" who was still just Ed Forchion at the time noticed a man staking him out. Ed decided to "SHAVIN CREAM" the sneak, this is a video you'd never see on the TV show - "COPS". You know what I'd like to see? The pictures and videos from the inside of this NARC van. Maybe use them for a surveilance class or something, TITLE OF CLASS: "What not to do while on a stake out; to be seen by a POTHEAD". Look you've got to see the video first ( VIDEO ) To know what I'm talking about.

On Nov.24th, 1997 while listening to "HOWARD STERN" I was arrested for the first time!


The Courier Post

"Three men arrested on Marijuana Charges"

By Clint Riley,

Courier Post Staff

Bellmawr - Authorities closed in Monday on three South Jersey men accused of having 45 pounds of marijuana shipped to Bellmawr from Arizona.

Self-employed truck driver ROBERT EDWARD FORCHION, Jr. 33 of the 500 block of Seigfried Avenue Chesilhurst and Russell Forchion, 28 of Union Street Glassboro, were arrested Monday along Route 42 in Bellmawr authorities said. Police and members of the Camden County Prosecutors Office "Narcotics Unit reportedly seized 45 pounds of marijuana from a vehicle in which the men were riding. The two are related but authorities did not dis-close how.

A third man, ERIC POOLE, 39, of the fountainveiw Apartments, Blackwood was arrested almost simultaneously at an undisclosed business near the Bellmawr Industrial Park. The arrests were the culmination of a month long investigation into the groups activities by Police in Bellmawr and PhoenixArizona and a federal and state drug task force.

Authorities allege Robert Edward Forchion went to Phoenix, where he also has a residence, to arrange for the shipment of marijuana to a Bellmawr business. The name of the business was not disclosed.

All three men arrested Monday have been charged with possession with intent to distribute more than 25 pounds of marijuana and related drug charges, said GREG REINHART, spokesman for the Camden County Prosecutors Office.

Robert Forchion was being held Monday at the Camden County Jail on $100,000 cash bail. Russell Forchion was being held at the same facility on $75,000 cash bail. While authorities said, drug charges are pending, Poole was being held at the same jail on municipal charges.

The Forchions and Poole are the first individuals charged with distribution of more than 25 pounds of marijuana in Camden County since Gov. Christie Whitman made the offense a first degree crime in August. (SEE BELOW)

If convicted of the charge they each face up to 20 years in prison and $300,000 in fines.


STORY CORRECTIONS: First, I was not in the vehicle where the “marijuana” was. I was riding in a separate vehicle. I had no possession! Second, the prosecution readily tells the press this was the result of a month long investigation but when I try to get the Brady material for my defense. The Prosecution then claims it was a one day investigation and refuses to provide me with any discovery material! These “lies” by omission are part of my appeal briefs. These will be issues in my appeal!



New Jersey Governor Whitman Signs Laws Increasing Drug Penalties


September-October 1997

On August 4, New Jersey Governor Christine Todd Whitman (R) signed three bills that will stiffen sentencing for drug offenses and make it easier for prosecutors to seize the property of convicted drug dealers ("Whitman Signs Drug Laws," The New York Times, August 5, 1997, p. B1; RoyaRafei, "Whitman OKs Tough Anti-Drug Laws," Herald & News, August 5, 1997, p. B1; Ron Marisco, "Hopefuls warm up for gubernatorial bid," Star Ledger (Newark), August 5, 1997, p. 19).

The Governor, facing a tough re-election challenge in November, signed the two bills into law at the PassaicCounty jail. One measure (A-2957) increases penalties for those who carry large amounts of marijuana and methamphetamine, making it a first-degree crime to manufacture, distribute or dispense 25 pounds or more of marijuana, 50 or more marijuana plants, 5 or more pounds of hashish, or more than 5 ounces of methamphetamine. The second measure (A-2958) allows the state to forfeit property of drug defendant even if the property cannot be traced to illegal activity. A third measure (A-2956) increases penalties for drug dealers who employ booby traps or other impediments to harm law enforcement.

On August 8, Whitman signed legislation (A-2725) allowing for a 20-year prison sentence for a rape conviction if the victim is incapacitated by a so-called "date rape drug," such as Rohypnol®, or gamma hydroxybutyrate (GHB). GHB has been unregulated but is described by Andrew Weil, MD, as an "endogenous downer." It is also used by body builders because of its effect on the pituitary gland. GHB can produce intoxication (Andrew Weil, MD, From Chocolate to Morphine, Rev'd Ed., 1993, p. 77).

The new law also makes possession of Rohypnol® or GHB an offense punishable by up to five years in prison and a $100,000 fine. Rohypnol® has been reported on by NewsBriefs extensively (See "Florida Lawmakers Try to Crack Down on 'Raves,' and Associated Drugs," NewsBriefs, May-June 1997; "Clinton Signs Legislation Increasing Penalties for Methamphetamine and Rohypnol®," NewsBriefs, November 1996). On the same day, Whitman also signed a bill (A-2712) that designates Ketamine, an anesthetic, known as "Special K," as a controlled dangerous substance. Andrew Weil, MD, describes Ketamine as a close relative of PCP, but notes that it is often diverted from medical supplies (Weil, p. 139). (News Release, "Governor Whitman Outlaws `Special K' Drug and Steps Up Penalties for Use of Rape Drugs," Office of the Governor, August 8, 1997; "Rape-Drug Bill is Signed," New York Times, August 9, 1997, p. A25; Melody Petersen, "Before an Election, Prisons Are Good. The Bills Come Later." The New York TimesAugust 10, 1997, p. 6).

Governor Christine Todd Whitman - 125 West State Street, P.O. Box 001, Trenton, NJ 08625, Tel: (609) 292-6000, TDD: (609) 777-1292. The new anti-drug laws are located on-line at:


Because of this ARREST, the emergence of "NJWEEDMAN.COM - SUPER HERO to the POTHEADS" became necessary. Ed Forchion is no longer looked at as Ed Forchion the Drug dealer but as "NJWEEDMAN-SUPER HERO to the POTHEADS". Fighting for your Constitutional Rights.

Eventually after a long fight and a brief flight to Canada I (NJWEEDMAN) was convicted on Dec. 1st, 2000. I have since appealed my unjust conviction, in my Appellate Brief I argue for a ruling allowing Jury Nullification as a defense, the rescheduling of Marijuana, for my case to be overturned for violations of fourth Amendment protections and failure to provide 6th Amendment protections. You can read my entire APEEAL BRIEFS here: