NJweedman fucks up his interview with Oprah!!!



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Story by, Fresh Massengill

Ed Forchion is one of the few Black men in the medical marijuana community to actively and openly campaign, position and politic for his right to exercise his freedom of choice to partake in a ritual he considers sacred -"weed smoking". Ed Forchion's "Public Enemy #420" is chock full of amazing statistics about the "politricks" of marijuana as well as the page turning adventures of his life. Once a self employed coast to coast truck driver, he tells of his early days of trafficking marijuana, to his legal battles with the state officials in New Jersey, his months behind bars and finally his sojourn to sunny California. Forchion is now the victorious owner of his own medical marijuana ministry, The Liberty Bell Temple in Hollywood, CA  at  5642 Hollywood Blvd . He named his ministry the Liberty Bell Temple as an ode to the basic concepts of democracy and faith.


Ed Forchion spins a tale of "high" drama in his book, now he has another.


Last February, Forchion known to the public as “NJweedman” published his book “NJwedman.com – Public Enemy #420”. 


"Public Enemy #420" is the tell-all memoirs of this African-American marijuana activist. NJWeedman sold dozens of books in his Public Enemy Final BookCover6X9_BW_330.jpgLiberty Bell Temple II, (Rastafarian Ministry) in Hollywood Ca., and a few dozen more at AMAZON.COM but sales were slow. He set his sites "HIGH", plotting to get Public Enemy on the Oprah book club list to boost his slow sales.


 Forchion a master at publicity and media attention began mailing copies to Oprah, once or twice a week according to NJweedman. By all accounts weedman mailed Oprah close to 100 books. More than he actually sold. Finally in late June he was contacted by a Harpo Studio’s representative named CHARLIE about his book, and was booked a few days later to tape an episode with the King of talk shows herself for early August.


I was never as HIGH as I was when I was told I was going on Oprah, the only thing i was told was to keep it low.


On August 02, 2010 NJweedman arrived in Chicago, and stayed at the luxurious Omni hotel. NJweedman say’s, “I couldn’t sleep all night knowing that once I get on Oprah my book sales would soar thru the sky. I was equally looking forward to hitting on Oprah”.  Oprah meet “NJweedman” in the green room about 30 minutes before the taping was to begin. She asked questions and explained that she hadn’t read the book in detail herself but had read some of the excerpts and appeared to enjoy the riveting details of his smuggling days, commenting explicitly on a smuggling chapter named “BUSTER” and a chapter about my child custody case, says Forchion.


NJweedman says as a man I wasn’t intimidated at all at Oprah. I was thinking I’m looking at a 800 million dollar woman; the 140th riches person in America. But I also was thinking she’s thick and single, Stedman doesn’t seem to be around anymore and I was thinking she’s hotter in person. I’m kind of a man flirt all the time with women anyway and didn’t feel uncomfortable flirting with Oprah. I made a point to look her directly in the eyes like I was a telepath, “telepathing: - I’d do you Oprah”. I actually tried to send her that message. Oprah didn’t seem to mind the flirting and appeared to be fascinated with NJWeedman’s story. “From Camden County Jail to Hollywood Blvd. amazing”, she shouted at one point. I even made a comment about having a private smoke with her after the show.We even talked a little politics, i explained how I was a write in candidate in New Jersey's 3rd congressional district. (www.tlmp.org) The interview was going fine.

So what went wrong we ask NJweedman?


Everything was cool when I pulled out a joint, she politely told me she doesn’t smoke and I couldn’t light up in the building anyway because of anti-smoking laws. No problem “we can smoke this later” I said and I just held my joint thru ought the interview. But towards the end of the timed interview I innocently explained to her how I always put a joint in all my books before I mailed them. She then say’s, I hear you mailed me dozens of books. I admitted that I mailed her close to one hundred books; all with joints & brownies in case she didn’t smoke. To the laughter of the audience. I said it with a smile like I had gotten on your show with this simple gimmick.


I had previously in the interview explained to her that half the media I had received over the years was due to individual media personal actually being smokers. They were my allies against the Governments War on Drugs. Potheads are everywhere, in every newsroom, editor’s office and production set. She was appalled that I was mailing weed to her show, and more so that she didn’t know about it until we were on camera. She wanted to know everything about it, getting irate. The audience went silent, Oprah was steaming. She asked her staff about it and everything was directed to one staff member Charlie who seemed to have taken my pitch to be on Oprah as his mission. It was revealed that Charles Steinmann a Harpo employee for 12 years had personally pitched me to Oprah but had failed to tell her about the joints and brownies. So once again a pothead ally had gotten me media, it was sad to see this public cannabis outing.


When asked by Oprah directly; what happened to the marijuana Charles admitted to consuming it himself? Oprah became clearly pissed that NJweedman was openly admitting that had been mailing weed in his all of his books. She made it clear she didn’t want to be a part of this illegal promotion. By the end of the interview Charles Steinmann was fired and NJweedman was escorted off the stage and told this taping would never air. His book was to be removed from the Oprah book club list and his TV-RELEASE was torn up in the lobby of Harpo Studios. I was devestated, a red-eyed weedman said. No weed was present.


cannabisclosetflier.jpgDAMN, DAMN, DAMN – I felt like James Evans Sr., and I was in Chicago!


I guess I dried snitched on myself, fucked myself. I was blindsided by myself. I felt like I crashed right at the end of the tunnel, just as I got to the light. I've been on a long jounery from Camden County Jail to Hollywood. From "weed activist to weed capitalist". I really thought this Oprah appearance would garner me the cash at the end of this activist tunnel to justify the sacrafices I and my family made for me telling the truth about the marijuana laws in this country. I crashed.  I really was thinking that I had scored a promotions kue and had no idea Oprah would flip out about WEED in the mail. The reality of the true “war on drugs” is that the U.S. POST OFFICE delivers most marijuana grown in America to Cannabis Consumers nationwide.


This has all actually been similar to the concept of my new show called “Coming out of the Cannabis Closet” with “NJweedman and Que”. Peoples lives are ruined because they are outed by drug test, rat snitches and law enforcement or in Charlies case Oprah.


I have nothing bad to say about Oprah I’m hoping she will change her mind and have her crew edit out the end of the show, rehire Charles and air it. I admit it drastically would change my life, the lives of my kids and the staff/volunteers at the Temple. Like dam, what did she expect? I even have attempted to legally change my name to NJweedman.com..


When asked if he’s changed his promotions plan Forchion says NOPE!!! I’ve recently mailed about a dozen books to Wendy Williams, of the Wendy Williams show. And a few to Chelsea Lately.


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