NJ WEEDMAN vs The State of NJ from RJ Wisniewski on Vimeo.

New Jersey “Weedman” Arrested on Possession and Distribution Charges



The self proclaimed “Weedman” was arrested last week in Mount Holly as he was transporting a suitcase of marijuana is the trunk of his rental car. The man, who has incidentally ran for numerous public offices, is now facing charges of possession and distribution for the pound that was confiscated.

The “NJ Weedman”, as this story from the Philadelphia Inquirer states, believes the arrest was destiny and a future platform for him to fight what he believes are unconstitutional aspects of the marijuana laws in New Jersey.

Although he is a personal fan of marijuana, he is opposed to the medical marijuana legislation because he believes it violates the “equal protection” clause of the U.S. Constitution, only protecting certain people from prosecution for marijuana crimes.

Although it is unlikely the “Weedman” will successfully battle the new medical marijuana laws, his theories are interesting, if nothing else.

Marijuana laws are changing all over the country as states consider legislation for everything from medical marijuana to legalizing the drug altogether. Here in New Jersey, some residents have the mistaken opinion that medical marijuana will somehow decrease the seriousness of a pot charge.

Unfortunately, for everyday people charged of marijuana possession or even distribution, the new medical marijuana laws will do nothing. If anything, judges and prosecutors will be on the lookout to ensure the new laws don’t minimize the public’s perception of marijuana as a controlled substance.

Personal message to my future juror, keep quiet dont tell anyone your going to flatout acquit no matter what the prosecution presents - Just say "NOT GUILTY" utilize Jury Nullification to end this ridiculous war on potheads.