The mainstream American press won't report on "state sanctioned religious persecution" by our Government or it's officials while running halfway around the world to report on persecution of Christians.


I was jailed for making this video!

This is me with all my kids,  AJANEA (middle) is kept from me by LINDA HOLDEN and the religious bigots on the Burlington County Court becaUSE i'M NOT A CHRISTIAN.  I'm proudly not a "CHRISTIAN" and openly espouse views that the "CHRISTIAN" JUDGE's on the Burlington County bench don't like. This is state sanctioned religious persecution. I have no LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICIAL I can turn too and the press has an agreement with the courts not to report so-called family court matters.

The two highest law enforcement office's in the state (N.J. Attorney Generals Office - -U.S. Attorney General ) have done similar injustice's to me for "public veiws".                                   (Religiously inspired veiws)

'Because I'm not a Christian Burlington County Family court Judge 'moron' Morley has taken my child visitation away once again. I have not had visitation since July 2005.'

Please read this lawsuit !


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U.S. District Court

Camden, N.J.

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I fear I’ll be going to jail "again" because I’m not a Christian


American reporters and Government officials constantly trot around the globe and bring to light the persecution of Christians by non-christians but here in America they make all kinds of excuse’s not to report persecution by Christians. I’ve been a repeat victim of Christian persecution here in New Jersey for years and rarely will a reporter report on this persecution for what it is. STATE SANCTIONED RELIGIOUS PERSECUTION.

    Historically the press was given the right to “freedom of the press” by this nations founders so it could report the abuse’s of the Government to “we the people” without Government interference. Today newspapers and reporters have agreed not to report on the abuse's of Government in family court.  


I am proudly not a Christian. As far as I'm concerned slavery ended over 140 years ago, why must I follow master's faith? Am I free to choose my own? Although we are taught here in America we have the right to “FREEDOM of RELIGION” what is generally not known or talked about is certain religions are illegal here in America. I belong to one such illegal religion RASTAFARI. Rastafari was made illegal thru our nations drug laws. You see in Rastafari the herb “marijuana” is the sacrament instead of the grape which is used by our Government endorsed religion: Christianity. I've constantly been arrested for espousing my views. Fired from jobs and even have had one of my children taken from me.  Because I openly espouse my faiths belief’s! My "public veiws" are what Linda calls them.


Christian followers espouse their belief’s publicly all the time, Christians put on TV ad’s and run for office as “good Christians”. (Comcast refuses to allow me to run political ad's) Christians protest certain laws and advocate changing certain laws (ABORTION) that they feel are unchristian. I've been jailed for advocating the legalization of the "sacrament" of my faith in TV ad’s. Even during the prohibition of alcohol 1919-1931 wine the sacrament of Christian were exempted from the Volstead Act, why can't I champion the cause to exempt "marijuana" from the Controlled Substance Act? - CHRISTIAN PERSECUTION is the answer. Our Christian Judge's/state officials refuse to accept any other "religious concept" other than those endorded by "CHRISTIANITY". In family court it has been a "crime" for me to talk about "marijuana reform".  Nigga ain't allowed to talk about political shit I guess.

I’ve been jailed for espousing my “beliefs”
I’ve been fired from my job.
I’ve been attacked by State police.
I’ve been arrested by police for proselytizing in public
Judge "shithead"  Sweeney even changed my daughters name because of my beliefs.!


Nothing has been more egregious and personally hurtful than the FACT that the Judge’s on the Burlington County Court have repeatedly taken one of my children from me because I’m not a CHRISTIAN. I have not had my child visitation since July of 05. I’ve had my child taken from me repeatedly over the years because my “born-again Christian” ex regards me as a heathen and doesn’t want me around my child. She is embaressed that she had a child with me and claims that my child is harmed by me and my "public veiws".  ( I saved my child's life, when she wanted to "murder her". I begged her not to abort.) She has cited my “religion and public belief’s” as reasons not to allow me visitation. For over 10 years she has repeatedly prevented me from having a normal relationship with my child. Whenever I do get a visitation order she openly violates it and refuse’s to comply. All the Judge's have issued her idle threats but none has even punished her for violating the visitation orders. Judge "shithead" Sweeney even changed my daughters last name because of my public views. The Christian Judge’s on the bench don’t punish her for violating their order’s so they ineffect reward her violating visitation order’s. It is her most succesfful tactic. Just stop visitation for as long as possible. The press knows about this case but has a “rule” not to report on it. I’ve made it a point to constantly inform my local paper the Burlington County times . (Mike Mathis and John Reitmeyer as well as others.) I walk into thier offices everytime I come to the courthouse! I rarely every go to the burlington courthouse for anything but family court.


I have every right to espouse my belief’s publicly. Christian state officials have tried in the past to shut me up in the past and even jailed me for 5 moths for espousing my views. The Federal courts ruled: The First Amendment exists so as to promote debate on issues of public importance. In this case, the advocacy of the legalization of marijuana is a legitimate political position in this country. The Libertarian Party, whose presidential candidate received over 380,000 votes in the 2000 election, advocates the legalization of drugs. Libertarian Party website at and Many elected public officials have called for a liberalization of the nation's drug laws. Simply put, Plaintiff's place in this debate will do nothing to harm a public that is already itself debating the current state of our nation's drug laws.

    Yet, in family court Judge Bell has said in open court "I don’t care about your first amendment rights". Judge Almeida has said, "because of my beliefs I would not get visitation". Judge Lihotz ordered me not to "talk about my beliefs to my child". Judge Sweeney changed my daughters last name from mine FORCHION to my ex’s HOLDEN because of "my public views". In Dec. 2005 Judge Morley ruled that no "irreparable harm would come to the child if visitation wasn’t resumed" and refused to ebforce my child visitation order.


On Jan 23, 2006 Judge Morley once again took my visitation which made my born again Christian ex happy but left me and my daughter punished (loss of father) for my beliefs. In the past I’ve tried to sue these Judge’s for violating my rights but of course they hide behind Judicial immunity and had my case dismissed. (NJWEEDMAN CASE AGAINST BURLINGTON COUNTY JUDGE'S)

Since I have not had my visitation order’s enforced “because I espouse belief’s that aren’t acceptable to the State Christian Judge’s”. I’ve refused to comply with “support order’s”. My ex was never punished for repeatedly violating my visitation order’s. Now she wants me punished for complying with a court order.  I’m positive that on Tuesday March 28th, 2006 I will be jailed for refusing to comply with the support order. This has happened in the past. ( 2000 - JAILED FOR NOT PAYING CHILD SUPPORT ) So I will be taken from my other children who live with me and depend on me.




(609) 518-2965 ask him how this is a "free country" when a man has his visitation/custody taken from him for publicly questioning our nations drug policies? Ask Judge Morley if you have to be a Christian to have a kid in Burlington county? Judge Morley and the rest of the DO-GOODERS on the bench know they are violating the principals of the Constitution but have they also nothing to fear. They hide behind Judicial immunity and the fact that none of the local newspapers will "report the abuse's of Government" when it comes to family Court just emboldens them to flaunt my rights. 


(sec 203) of the 1964 Civil Rights Act also protects against Religious Persecution. Even the NAACP refuse's to help me because of my choice in religions. The NAACP should be called the NAACCP: The National Association of Christian Colored Peoples.

 In the Afghan case as in my case the (family members) turned to the respective courts for officially sanctioned persecution. In my case Linda Holden the mother of my child has used the courts bigotry and religious intolerance against me to keep my child from me. She has come to an American court argueing against allowing me visitation and custody based on my faith. In Afghan case his family also turned him in to the Afghan court for his beliefs when he attempted to take custody of his daughters. Both actions were designed to keep the children from thier faiths faith. Niether court has ever found that we actually harmed our children. 

Recent family photo:
Robbie, Deaja Maria (step daughter) Chanel, Me and Janice


The Afghan Christian: Freed but Not Free

Analysis: Abdul Rahman's case is dismissed, but Afghan laws on religious conversion may mean a showdown with the U.S. is simply postponed



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Posted Sunday, Mar. 26, 2006

The dismissal of a case against an Afghan citizen for converting from Islam to Christianity has saved Afghanistan's government a damaging showdown with its primary patron, the United States. Under mounting pressure from Washington and other Western backers, President Hamid Karzai is reported to have intervened personally to have the case of Abdul Rahman, 41, who converted to Christianity 16 years ago, dismissed. But the grounds on which the case was thrown out — insufficient evidence and other technicalities, as well as questions over the sanity of the accused — do not change the basic problem that had put both Karzai and his Western backers in a tight spot.

Abdul Rahman and others like him still face the possibility of being charged with apostasy for converting out of Islam, an offense that carries a penalty of death unless they renounce their new faith. While Afghanistan's constitution embraces international human rights conventions that guarantee freedom of worship, it also codifies the role of Islamic Sharia law — under which Abdul Rahman was charged. And even while Washington and NATO governments whose troops help provide security for Karzai's government had urged Kabul to drop the charges, public opinion on the streets of Afghanistan — recently inflamed by episodes such as the furor over Danish cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad — showed strong support for legal action against the convert. But Karzai, whose government's security position remains as precarious as ever, was in no position to resist Washington's demands. As President Bush put it, "We have got influence in Afghanistan, and we are going to use it to remind them that there are universal values."

But it was not in recognition of "universal values" that Abdul Rahman was released. Instead, authorities cited insufficient evidence, insinuations about his mental state and even questions raised by the authorities over his citizenship. The legal basis for charging someone for converting from Islam to Christianity has not, thus far, been altered — the political confict that from having U.S. troops trying to protect a government that can't guarantee the right of its citizens to choose the same faith as the President of the United States has simply been kicked down the road. Not only that, the Abdul Rahman case has alerted the Evangelical Christian base of the Republican Party to the need to press the Bush Administration on the issue, and at the same time mobilized the conservative Muslim clerical establishment and the powerful Islamist politicians in Afghanistan's coalition government to defend their Sharia code. Not surprisingly, there is speculation that Abdul Rahman may leave Afghanistan once he's out of jail.





By Ed Forchion


There is a perception in America that America is free, that Americans who choose to worship are free to do so. Americans have been programmed to believe we are free when infact many aren’t. A glaring exception is non-Christian African American men. From the very beginnings of America this has been so. The very institution of Slavery dictated that Africans be “Christianized”, it was a goal. From 1619 thru 1865 African Americans weren’t free to practice their traditional African faiths; instead they were forced to be Christians. The Christianization of Africans was given as a positive justification for the true holocaust that American slavery was.


It was an accepted training method to force Africans to be Christians. Slaves that refused to practice Christianity weren’t allowed to raise their own children. Their children were taken from them and given or sold to others who would “Christianize” them. The key to Christianizing the Africans in mass was to prevent old world Africans from instilling in “slave born Africans” the religions and practices of old world Africa. Successfully Christianized slaves would routinely inform their masters when a non-Christian African taught his faith to slaves. Rules were established and punishment given for teaching “African religions”.


As a result even today 141 years after slavery ended over 70 percent of African Americans still practice “masters(') faith”. Still today Africans are strongly encouraged to practice the faith of “master”. I myself stopped thinking of myself as a Christian at 12 and consider it an insult to be called a Christian, no differently than I would imagine a Jew would be offended at being called a NAZI. Many African American men find once they’ve been forced out of “Christian society” thru imprisonment they seek out African faiths. Many convert inside the concrete plantation.


While most Christian Americans think of America as religiously free, African American men who reject Christianity know the truth. As a result of my choice in religions I’ve been “publicly persecuted” and denied basic rights that most in a “free society” would think not possible. For instance I openly proselytize about my faiths (RASTAFARI) beliefs and practices and have been jailed for it. Rastafarianism uses the herb marijuana as a sacrament instead of the Christian faiths use of the grape (wine). Christian state officials didn’t like how I choose to exercise my first amendment rights and had me caged.


In family court just as during the institution of slavery; I’ve had my child taken from me because I don’t believe in "master’s faith". My ex-fiancé the mother of my daughter and more importantly a born again Christian has gone to (master) “family court” and argued to master that because of my faith I shouldn’t be allowed to have visitation or custody of our daughter. "Master" the court not only agreed but has changed my daughter’s last name and took away my visitation. "Religious freedom" where? Rastafari and other African religion based faiths have been made illegal via our drug laws. Rastafari is as illegal in America today as Quakerism was in England in 1679. How is this black history when it’s still going on?


REP. ANDREWS CALLS FOR RELIGIOUS FREEDOM IN AFGHANISTAN - but say's nothing about it here in America!

I have called upon Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to urge the Government of Afghanistan to ensure the safety of Abdul Rahman, who faced a penalty of death because he converted from Islam to Christianity.  Our forefathers escaped similar persecution; religious tolerance remains one of America's bedrock principles.

Newly liberated Afghanistan holds its own beliefs and should not mimic the U.S.  They must, however, uphold their own constitution and international law which guarantees freedom of worship.  Islamic beliefs should not be used to support a culture of intolerance whereby a person must forfeit the way he worships or forfeit his life.

I have cosponsored Congressional Resolution H.RES.736 which condemns the enforcement of laws against apostasy.  We must continue to work with our Afghan friends to expand religious freedoms while respecting Islam.  While great challenges still exist for this fledgling government in the struggle to balance individuals' rights with the teachings of Islam, I am heartened by the release of Mr. Rahman.  I ask that President Hamid Karzai continue to uphold Afghanistan's human rights obligations so that no Afghan is deprived of their fundamental right of religious freedom in the future.

Rob Andrews



Weedman' jailed by judge for not paying child support

March 24, 2000 
By Mike Mathis  BCT staff writer- 
Burlington County Times 

(MOUNT HOLLY) - Ed "njweedman" Forchion, would-be candidate for the Burlington County Board of Freeholders, was jailed yesterday after refusing to pay child support for his daughter. 

Forchion, a Pemberton Township resident who plans to run for freeholder as a candidate with The Father's Rights Party, was ordered to jail by state Superior Court Judge John Almeida following a hearing in family court. 

He was being held on $1,500 cash bail yesterday, county jail Warden Juel Cole said. 

At a previous court appearance, Almeida threatened to jail Forchion for not paying child support to his ex-wife for his 5-year-old daughter. Forchion said he wouldn't do it unless he was allowed to visit the child. 

The girl lives with her mother in Lumberton

Forchion, who could not be reached for comment yesterday, released a statement to the press in which he blamed his legal dilemmas on a court system that fails to accept that smoking marijuana is an integral part of his Rastifarian faith. Two years ago, state Superior Court Judge Marie White Bell stripped Forchion of his custody and visitation rights after he acknowledged that he used marijuana for religious purposes, Forchion said. 

The revelation was made in 1998 when he ran unsuccessfully against U.S. Rep. Rob Andrews, D-1st, of Haddon Heights, on The Legalize Marijuana Party ticket, he said. 

Forchion also ran unsuccessfully last year for seats representing the 8th Assembly District and on the Camden County freeholder board. "The court and its Christian officers have consistently refused to enforce existing visitation orders and ultimately withdrew them when I openly proclaimed my faith, my teachings," Forchion wrote in a letter to Almeida and released to the press. 

Forchion was arrested by New Jersey State Police last week after he lit a marijuana cigarette in the state Assembly chambers in Trenton to protest what he called his persecution because of his religious beliefs. A stay-at-home father to his other three children, Forchion said he had to enroll his children in day-care centers so his wife can continue to work while he is incarcerated. 

He has experienced health problems since an automobile accident in January 1997, he said. 

"I am a good father," Forchion wrote in the letter to Almeida. "I have participated in the every day development of three of my four children". 

"The fourth has been withheld from me by her scorned mother," he continued. "With the protection and support of the state of New Jersey, this unlawful act seems to have gotten the special sanction and endorsement of the ... court system."