This site is based on the real life trials and tribulations of  Edward Forchion. Forchion use's humor, facts, and the reality of his life to show the absurdity of the Marijuana Laws. Forchion say's, "do we truly have freedom of religion, speech and political expression or are Americans just programed to say it? In realitity,the citizens of 21st century America have more to revolt about today then the colonist of 1776"

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This is the 2008 homepage of:

legally known as

Edward Forchion

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In a society that has become victims of "mass Government deception",
the truth is a REVOLUTIONARY idea!
Our Government has lied to us and deceived us,
The truth is: marijuana is good !

NJWEEDMAN - Superhero to the Potheads from Edward Forchion on Vimeo.

This is my personal home page this site is huge. Over the years I've changed the home page a few times and I have hundreds of individual pages to link to, all intertwined.  I started this in 1997 immediately after I was arrested for the first time (Nov. 24th, 1997) and I never delete anything. I can look back and read the differences in my writing. I'm angry now, I was scared then. I was different in 1997 I even looked different. I think I can write better now then I did in the beginning but I wrote way more than; than now. What I think now probably shouldn't be written anyway. I've become the angry black guy. I still don't use spell check like I should, but I also don't claim to be a writer even thou I'm writing a book now. This entire site is my blog. This site is very important to me. I was jailed for 5 months for having it. Really true story. This web site was listed as one of the reasons the State of New Jersey jailed me on August 19th, 2002. The other reason was I made 3 anti drug war political ad's. I stayed jailed until Jan 24th, 2003 - I was a "Political Prisoner of America's Pot Wars.

Since 1997 I've become a internet counter-culture celebrity because I voice my opinions and opposition to our nations drug policies on the internet. I simply exercise my "Free Speech" rights. I openly advocate Jury Nullification as a means to end "the war on drugs". I am a political dissent a enemy of the state. As a publicity stunt in 2002 I petitioned to change my name legally to NJWEEDMAN.COM. To my surprise for two years the State of New Jersey fought this in court, ultimately I was denied the right to change my own name.  While legally I lost the court case to change my name, the publicity stunt was a success. I'm publicly known as the NJWEEDMAN. Most people really don't know my name real name, but they know I champion the call for legalization. Basically all I say is "Legalize Marijuana". At the time of my 1997 arrest I was a arrogant narcissic dude on a mission to get paid. I had a apartment in Arizona but lived in New Jersey as I had my whole life; except for school and the military. I had a family, two car's, a house, a business, money and a lot of self respect. Then I became a victim of America's Racist War on Drugs.

"Visit NJweedman at Liberty Bell Temple:

Today (2008) the car's are gone, the money is gone, the house is gone, and I've divorced twice since then. Some of the self respect and arrogant swagger are gone too. I'm different now and I live in California "providing marijuana legally". Something that just talking (marijuana) about got me arrested for in (2002) New Jersey.

I don't consider my being in California a permanent situation. I think of it as living in political exile temporarily. Just as political dissidents from other countries, seek political asylum in other countries when they fear for their lives or rights by their home countries. Although I have "truth and righteousness" on my side. I too have fled the tyrants of my home State of New Jersey and have sought political exile in the marijuana friendly State of California. The Politics Pot can be dangerous. I don't want to end up dead right, as other marijuana activist such as Les Crane, Tom Crosslin and Ken Gorman have. I believe all three of these activist were murdered by their local Governments for their beliefs about marijuana.

Some would say my 1997 arrest eventually consumed my life costing me dearly. That's not how I feel. I feel like I was thrust into a righteous cause! You see I seriously don't believe anyone should be arrested for any amount of marijuana. Every year 800,000 Americans are arrested for marijuana, on Nov 24th, 1997 I also become a statistic of America's failed "war on Drugs". My 1997 arrest activated me to speak out. No-one should be arrested for marijuana, I simply publicly tell the truth about marijuana. Something the do-gooders and Politicans don't like.

The truth is: marijuana is good !


I think of our nations "war on drugs" as a massive human rights policy disaster. I believe our marijuana laws are based on 15th century christian beliefs that the use of (marijuana) psychedelics are some how sinful or wrong.  (1) I'm not a Christian, (2) I don't believe that and openly say, "why should I have to follow some-one else's superstitions". Don't we have "Freedom of Religion" in this country? The marijuana laws are based on flat out lies and Christian inspired distortions. I openly exercise the rights I was told since a kid all americans have. I exercise(s) my Right to Free Speech and Religion and publicly prosyeltize about my faith belief's and practices. I publicly tell the truth about marijuana. As a result I'm more afraid of being murdered by a New Jersey State Police officer, than any member of Al Qaida. This site chronicles what happened to me, for telling the truth about marijuana. I've resisted other laws unconstitutional laws as well, for instance I was charged and indicted for refusing to provide the State of New Jersey a sample of my THC enhanced DNA. In 2003 I received a order from the NJ Attorney General's Office, and the Governors Office ordering me to surrender my DNA. Instead I wrote a letter to the Governor and the NJ Attorney General with an attached picture of my ass telling them the only way they could get my DNA was to "kiss my ass and retrieve the DNA off your lips". I was quickly indicted and threatened with imprisonment. I won that case FORCHION vs NEW JERSEY, DNA, and never surrendered my DNA. (Althought I'm sure the State has illegally collected my DNA off my legal paperwork).

Ask Your Doctor, Ed "NJWeedman" Forchion

If anyone had told me in 1995 that in the future I'd be publicly called the NJweedman, running for political offices under the Legalize Marijuana Party! I'd have quit smoking weed! Shit I even ran for Governor, U.S. Senate and various other local state/county offices. I didn't think I'd win, it was my way of giving the finger to the system. Equally, I never thought I'd ever go to prison either and now I have served in America's new age plantation system. ( 17 months in River front State Prison, Camden NJ ). I wasn't the type of guy who even got arrested, now I've been arrested dozens of times. Mainly for saying, Legalize marijuana. I've always thought of myself as patriotic too. I've served in the U.S. military, I've also served in our nations prison system for openly opposing the Governments drug war policies. Never would I have thought in America could people get arrested or imprisoned for what they say, yet that has happened to me a couple of times. 0n August 19th, 2002 I was jailed by bigoted state officials for 5 months for having this site and making pro marijuana commercials. At the time I considered myself a "Political Prisoner of America's War on Potheads". Imagine that here in America jailed for saying, "Legalize marijuana".  Luckily for me, I knew about Writs of Habeas Corpus and filed a pro se writ. 

John Saykanic and the NJ Aclu filed Amicas briefs and argued for my release. On Jan 24th, U.S district Court Judge Irenas ordered the State of New Jersey to release me with this ruling .....

"The First Amendment exists so as to promote debate on issues of public importance. In this case, the advocacy of the legalization of marijuana is a legitimate political position in this country. The Libertarian Party, whose presidential candidate received over 380,000 votes in the 2000 election, advocates the legalization of drugs. Libertarian Party web site at " and Many elected public officials have called for a liberalization of the nation's drug laws. Simply put, Plaintiff's place in this debate will do nothing to harm a public that is already itself debating the current state of our nation's drug laws. " FORCHION Vs NEW JERSEY censorship,

  How American is this: "I was JAILED for making political ad's"!

As a Black man I see the world through the spectacles of my community. I believe the "War on Drugs" is a lasting vestige of the Jim Crow era as well. I call the "war on drugs" racist. I exercise my Right to freedom of speech and speak out against a policy that affects people like me - Blackmen. The white bigots on the bench in New Jersey don't like it and have punished me for it by taking my child AJANEA. Even Federal Judge Irenas who ordered my release from my New Jersey political imprisonment commented that : "Today, there are 132,000 in federal prisons and 60% of this increase is for drug convictions. African Americans comprise a majority of the drug offenders in federal prisons," Irenas stated. "America has more persons in prison today than South Africa at the height of apartheid and Russia during the height of communism under Stalin," Irenas said, also listing a number of political leaders who advocate changes in drug laws. Criticism of drug laws by federal judges is well known in legal circles and widely posted online yet is rarely publicized on network television and in mainstream media sources accessed by the majority of the American public. Very few African Americans step forward and openly criticize our nation's Drug War Policies that have effectively returned more African Americans to bondage than were freed at the end of slavery. In this, the Weedman is unique. Our so called leaders at the NAACP have failed the disporia by accepting these Jim Crow laws as "drug policy".

After you've digested that read this:
The State of New Jersey has taken my child from me because of my Religion!

"I thought Dissent was what made America different than other countries. We are supposed to be allowed to voice our dissent. We are taught we have the right to speak out. The thought that an American citizen can have his child taken from him or her because of his or her political or religious beliefs shouldn't happen here. Judge Lihotz called my religion a cult and ordered me not to talk about my beliefs to my child. Judge Sweeney changed my daughters last name from mine because of my political veiws". He said, "my public veiws could harm my child" (See: Judge Shithead Sweeney) Judge Morley refused to enforce my visitation after I announced I was running for Governor in 2005. Judge Roe refuses to re-instate my visitation.I have not been allowed to see my own child since 2005 because of my beliefs!!! PLEASE I NEED A PRO-BONO LAWYER - CAN YOU HELP ME SEE MY CHILD

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This documentary was made by
NEXTPLAYVIDEO about my unconstitutional imprisonment for making political ads and maintaining this site.
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This Promo video project with various clips and footage of numerous protests and media coverage. This clip includes the entire  CNN Glen Beck show appearance.

I don't care how old you are what country your from or what faith, belief or cult you believe in or don't believe in you can enter this site here below:

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Search NJWEEDMAN.COM or the web powered by FreeFind

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Persecuted for telling the truth about Marijuana!
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Every community in America has a "WEEDMAN", they are a valuable part of the cannabis consuming communities of America. There is nothing the Government can ever do that will rid "US" from these communities because "we the people" want us. We provide a service. We willingly provide the Ganja to the people. The Government miserably fails at trying to prevent "we the people"  from using this sacrament of "GOD". If the Government is waging a WAR, than we the "Weedmen of America" are the backbone of the pothead people's army. The Marijuana Insurgency. The Government will never win it's War on Drugs" because the "weedmen of America" refuse to submit. F-the law, we smoke it and provide it anyway.  Most of us are quiet but besides being cute, handsome, suave and devanaire; I'm a little vain. I openly claim the entire State of New Jersey.

and a BONG at my side

"I am the NJWEEDMAN"
the real life
'I' an 'I' spread the truth about the GANJA

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